Why Do So Many People Love Marijuana?

Ten-minute clip from a documentary explaining some of the history of the cannabis plant.



  1. Kim on

    I fully support the above post. If all of us can manage to stop fighting to legalize “marijuana” and start fighting to legalize cannabis it might make the subject slightly less “taboo”

  2. Hokulani on

    Why have you used this awful and inappropriate title for such a brilliant documentary of the history and present day uses of this magnificent, multi purpose plant? I am appalled that the editors would crap all over this piece by putting the slang term “marijuana” in the title. This is not even about marijuana. Its about industrial hemp. Please refrain from using that term. Anyone who is an advocate for legalization should shitcan this word forever.
    Every NORML member knows the history of this slang term and how it was used to vilify this plant. If Hearst and Ainslinger had called it “cannabis” they would have had every grandma and auntie laughing their butts off at them, since up until the advent of aspirin, cannabis was the number one medicine used by all including mom’s and their babies.
    Jack Herer would not be happy about the title of this piece.