Aaron Houston Discusses Marijuana Legalization on FOX

Justsaynow.com’s Aaron Houston Discusses Marijuana Legalization in D.C. http://justsaynow.com


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  1. james on

    I am not usually one to stereotype or profile people but i cant ignore this.
    this guy is obviously overweight, does he not realize that obesity is the 3rd most cause of death in the united states? and he has the audacity to preach about dangers of marijuana! seems to me this guy need’s to get his own priorities straight and be more concerned about his health than to attack medical patients who are financially struggling to get there medicine. this debate should not even be a question of morality it is a freedom of choice and the choice is not for some fat guy in a suit to tell others what is best for them.
    go eat a doughnut and focus on topics you know about about like whats on the menu at Mcdonalds.