Bishop Ron Allen is a Propagandist For The Powerful

Aaron Houston rips it up and debates Drug Warrior Moron Bishop Ron Allen on Russia Today.



  1. Scotty Reid on

    I have information from inside the Bishop’s camp that he wa shand picked and recruited by John Redman of Community Alliances for Drug Free Youth to be the Black face of opposition to Prop 19.

    Scotty Reid
    Black Talk Radio Network
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  2. Anonymous on

    just another brain washed human!why is it so hard to just accept the fact that drug policy are worthless.u have to control marijuana to keep it out of the kids hand.why do they think that it has to be kept illegal,to keep it away from kids?.sorry to tell you reality but there is a lot of underage dealers and if u believe for 1 second there isnt u must live in mayberry u.s.a..i know alot of underage dealers!.these people have no clue.there is two kinds of people in the u.s.THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE STREET SMARTS AND THOSE WHO LIVE IN A DIFFENT WORLD and try to go along with societys evil circle of life.people with street smarts knows wat really goes on in their neighborhoods and the followers never see the harm of these laws because they dont live that life ever see these big expensive housing developments these perfect little neighborhoods,we all dont live like this,but believe it or not your perfect little neighborhoods hve tons of drug addicts.we will smoke regardless of your laws,so keep wasting that money.mary jane will never die.KEEP TOKIN AND FREE MARC EMERY N SAY HI TO JODIE EMERY FOR ME(LOVELY LADIE)