Russia Today: Marijuana: DC – Lets smoke this joint!

From YouTube: The DC Council passed a medical marijuana law in May, but while the law was signed by the mayor, it still had to undergo a period of Congressional review that lasts 30 legislative days. That 30-day period concluded Monday, according to the mayor’s office, so the law officially went into effect Tuesday. A panel of Calvina L. Fay of the Drug Free America Foundation and Aaron Houston from SSDP join RT’s Kristine Frazao to debate. Will the capital become a haven for weed?



  1. Anonymous on

    she kept saying that her studies says this but she also kept saying there was no studies done too.make up ur mind lady.wat she is telling me she and the drug fee org are a bunch of hypocrites.i get tired of hearing these people talk.phillip morris just bought hundreds of acres in northern cali for what growing tobacco i dont think so,quit believing this nonsense,lady.for people who dont smoke they sure have the anwsers.wat a joke.keep smokin,legalize and FREE MARC EMERY

  2. Bridak on

    Actually i have to agree this was an interesting debate. That lady made me laugh all the way to the end though because for one you can clearly tell she really is upset with the latest law concerning medical Marijuana in Washington. She also really looks and sounds

    But really what made me laugh was her “suppose” information where it’s proven that Marijuana is bad for us and that it has no medical value at all. I mean for sure she believes the reefer madness propaganda. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So the question is where do those politicians take their information from?

    I man to say that there is no medical value at all for Marijuana?

    How is it possible that people like her say ridiculous and untrue stuff like that when the evidence to the contrary is everywhere on the net? We have Doctors, Politicians, cops, judges, and most important we have the scientist saying quite the contrary now.

    And so yeah i hate that lying lady and all of those lying politicians who gave us false information concerning Marijuana for decades now. Everything we were told about the plant was false. For decades we were deprived of scientific facts but now it seems like science is on board…

    Those old, so behind their time politicians must go.

  3. james on

    this is by far one of the best debates i have seen this lady belongs in a kitchen somewhere getting her as beat by her alcoholic husband. she is so wildly off base i could not help but laugh my ass off.
    its funny how she threatens a law suit.
    where do these people get there information at? this gives new meaning to “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” oh i am so scared of the pothead lol this lady needs to get in a time machine and go back to the 30’s
    ” ward i think you were to hard on the beaver last night”