Montel Williams: I’ll use pot until I die

CNN: Montel Williams, who suffers from MS, is making rounds in New York trying to legalize medical marijuana in the state.



  1. P.EASY on

    we know they wont support this on TV but its our job to spread it on online!

  2. Anonymous on

    Too bad they won’t allow what he says on TV…

  3. Anonymous on

    Montel need to say this more often on television.

  4. Nick on

    I’m all for public figures being open about taking cannabis to treat their conditions. I think it’s the most beneficial, safest medicine ever and we need more non-stereotypical spokespeople to vouch for it’s efficacy. However I don’t know how I feel about people like him acting like ‘medical marijuana’ is something totally different from ‘pot’ and that it affects people with illnesses differently than ‘recreational users’. That people who use it medicinally don’t experience the same high as everyone else. Yeah there are different strains that can cause significantly different effects and cannabis affects everyone differently but the majority of people ill or not, experience some degree of euphoria, and so what? If a side effect isn’t negative, then why deny it’s existence. Cannabis can improve a persons quality of life regardless of if they have an illness. We need honest discussions about responsible cannabis use, not half truths… and bad infomercials.

  5. OG LUNGZ on

    Tell em’ Montel. Educate the people and medicate yourself