Peaceful G20 protest Sing O Canada and Get Rushed By Cops

Police charge the crowd after they sing “Oh Canada” during a a peaceful G20 protest at Queen and Spadina, in Toronto.



  1. raymond totillo on

    Marc Emery totally would have my bote,I think after novermber prop 19 passes,a lot of people in the government are gonna look for something else to prohibit,let’s not make sure that ever happens again,free fresh marc [email protected]

  2. Jade on

    It’s nice to see that in this day and age our peaceful protests are still being met with the brute force of the law! There was nothing peaceful about that!! I’m glade to see that my tax dollars are being put to good use by beating down peaceful people. It’s time for a change and when Marc Emery comes back and runs for Prime Minister of Canada you better believe that he’s GOT MY vote!!