FREE MARC campaign at Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s Office

The FREE MARC EMERY campaign attended Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s office in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on Thursday, June 10th. Head organizer and BC Civil Liberties director Jacob Hunter was immediately assaulted and arrested by a Niagara Falls Policeman.



  1. Anonymous on

    I wish I didn’t have a felony (American) and had the money to be on site and teach these people! First off, try wearing suits or dress clothes, when the public sees a bunch of hippies in tyedye’s and Rasta shirts they probably just brush it off as a bunch of stoner’s with out a job. Second learn the laws, never touch a police officer or obstruct their movements or vehicles Duh that’s grounds for a charge. And quit resisting that’s so stupid so now instead of Jacob getting one charge he will have at least 2 maybe 3. The other kid will get charged with obstructing and resisting, here in the states that’s two misdemeanor’s. Change the image and maybe people will start taking us seriously I applaud all the protesters but you guys need to know what to say the one girl yelling we all smoke pot were all pot heads, (shakes head) that sounds horrible to the average citizen. When you have tape of a cop doing something wrong like when he slapped the first kid everybody should of been very polite and did everything they say, that way when you go to court the evidence shows one abusive cop and a bunch of polite law abiding citizens.
    Peace and thanks for risking your time for all Canadian and American citizens. Power to the people!

  2. Anonymous on

    Thank you for your great activism! Peace and love.