Cheech and Chong Talk Marijuana Legalization on CBS News

Pot heroes Cheech and Chong appear on CBS’s Washington Unplugged with Bill Plante to talk about their new comedy tour and legalizing marijuana. Chong wears a Free Marc Emery T-shirt! Go to or for more information.


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  1. Brian on

    I’ve always felt that Tommy Chong is a serious advocate for weed and when discussing the issues related to pot on his own argues eloquently and convincingly. Cheech Marin on the other hand, while being a good comedian and all around nice fellow, actually detracts from the argument. For example, when Tommy quite rightly points out that marijuana isn’t addictive, Cheech’s smirking comment, “Yeah, we’ve smoked weed for 30 years and so there aint no addiction.” really derails Tommy’s effectiveness. If he isn’t there to help the cause, he should stay home. The spaced out irreverent stoner image is not helping to get marijuana legalized. Sure, it plays well to those who already smoke, but that’s just preaching to the converted. Serious advocacy that addresses the issues head on is what is required now to sway those who might have a change of heart if their misconceptions about pot are dispelled..