2 McDonald’s Employees Arrested For Selling Weed At The Drive Thru In Texas!

“Two McDonald’s employees were arrested after police say both were using drugs at the restaurant and at least one of them was selling drugs along with fast food. Police arrested 20-year-old Estevan Quiroz at a McDonald’s in Floresville last week. Investigators say Quiroz admits to selling marijuana inside the restaurant during his shifts.” – 4 News


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  1. Rev. Ryan Poelzer on

    Laugh out loud, Notice all the puns the news anchors got to use in this !A couple of stand up citizens in my books. I commend them for doing society a good deed and getting the holy sacrament out there. After all, the hamburgers they sell at McDonalds are far worse for your health than a bit of Marihuana…

    I would do McBong Hits any day with those gentlemen.

    – Rev.Ryan Poelzer