Man Dies After Choking On Pot Baggie and Being Tasered

Andrew Grande died after being tasered and choking on a bag of marijuana he attempted to swallow. Video from WJHG, broadcast Dec. 12, 2009.


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  1. Anonymous on

    I saw the vidio clip on the NEWS last night and was sick to my stomach!! They said the police were called on a domestic call…. and it showed that poor young man trying to run from a group of cops, being held down, stunned with a stun gun, in obivious distress choking…..they said that a paramedic pulled a bag of marijuana from his throat but he was pronounced dead…
    This death shouldn’t have happened… to die over having marijuana, Florida has possession laws that are four times harsher than the Federal laws, and they love to bust people for simple possesion and put them in prison.
    While I don’t know all the information about the police call, I can imagine that poor young man’s fear and then horror as he choked to death while the cops stood around him!
    We need to remember another young person Rachel Hoffman, Look up Rachels law, may she rest in peace to see how Florida’s laws are working or NOT working!