Jodie & Marc Emery on The Standard – Part 2

The Standard on JOYTV featuring Jodie and Marc Emery.


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  1. Anonymous on

    I loved the part about enlightenment. You are so very right in your assertion that cannabis gives you the ability to ‘THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX’. Governments and those in power postitions don’t want “common folk” doing that. They want obedience. Anything else threatens them.

    Dont worry, we will stop this insanity. If/when you get extradited to the USA, I will do what I can to end this insanity. I’m not rich or powerful but , I do have a voice and do use it. I will follow your extradition, find out where you are and join/start a vigil for you if I can.

    I want to stop this INSANE war on people. I Want to get you back to your beautiful wife as soon as possible. Thats what I would want people to do for me.

    Citizen Of the United states of American,