It’s Time 4 Hemp!

Here is a recent interview I did on Time 4 Hemp.

Apparently this podcast gets over 420,000 downloads a week!

You gotta love that Tree of Life song they play midway in the interview, inspired and inspiring!

It’s time for a Canada High at Time 4 Hemp! Chris Bennett, Jodie Emery and Kelly Kriston paid us a visit just to say’high’, get up to date on global Marijuana Movement and take Time 4Hemp!

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Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett has been researching the historical role of cannabis in magic and religion for over a quarter century, his books include 'Green Gold the tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion' (1995); 'Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible' (2001); 'Cannabis and the Soma Solution' (2010. He Currently resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where he runs his ethnobotanical shop The Urban Shaman.


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  1. templeballs on

    A powerfull virus hit my computer after posting the utube fraud and I can no longer post in the forums or utube, Sadly gangters want to make money off Marcs name and anyone that gets in their way is a target