The Jodie Show

I explain what it’s been like with Marc in jail awaiting extradition, and ask you to focus your energy on contacting your representatives, your Member of Parliament in Canada, to stop Marc’s extradition and also stop the Conservative government’s numerous dangerous crime bills being made into law. Song by “The Ground Luminosity”.

Go to to help Free Marc Emery
Go to to help End Marijuana Prohibition

Send mail to Marc:
Marc Emery
CS #06032080
1451 Kingsway Avenue
Port Coquitlam, BC
V3C 1S2

You cannot send money, books, music, or anything else but paper letters and non-Polaroid photos. No tape, stickers, post-it notes, labels, paper clips, staples, or anything else except paper… and no pot leafs or “illegal” things either. So many rules… But thank you for the support!