Magic mushrooms on CNN – Long lasting postive effects

CNN discuss the positive long lasting effects of the chemical that puts the magic in the mushroom called Pysilocibin.


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  1. Anonymous on

    Its unfortunate that while decriminalization both in the United States and abroad have made strides for marijuana, other substances (such as pysilocibin) whose side effects are largely unstudied, but altogether largely regarded as benign, still carry extremely harsh penalties. Under the federal Uniform Controlled Substances act (from which most states in the US draw their own criminal statutes.) Pysilocibin is a schedule 1 controlled substance, and possession and distribution are still punishable by minimum mandatory sentencing guidelines.

    Well I strongly agree with marijuana decriminalization, I also feel that it is important to recognize that any progress in marijuana decriminalization should also partially incorporate more research into (and possible decriminalization efforts) these other largely unstudied substances that also carry severely stiff penalties.

    Wikipedia Synopsis of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act: