Marc Emery’s Marching Orders – Goodbye for now…

Marc Emery uses some of his last hours of freedom to give a speech to the troops, before he is unjustly whisked away to a U.S. prison for merely selling seeds.


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  1. Anonymous on

    hey marc, i know this is a tough time but more then half of the people in canada and the united states are supporting you! even once you make it to the jail in port coquitlam many activists like myself are spreading seeds and trying to overgrow the DEA and the canadian conservatives to make this whole debate on whether or not pot should be legalized moot.
    one day it will happen, pot will be legal. alcohol was prohibited in the united states for many years even before i was alive and it proved nothing but a thorn in the sides of the administration for to long and they caved to the majorities demands and the demands of the people. we will continue to immortalize your legacy with seas of green. even if i have to spend most of my life going in and out of jail and even if i myself end up in a federal prison in the united states i would gladly sacrifice my own freedom for the freedom of choice and the freedom of affiliation of others. i know it is but a passing thing and it has to be done because i know in my heart it is right.

    Never forget Marc Emery
    Plant the seeds of freedom, overgrow the government.