Rally for Marc Emery in Copenhagen

CannabiShowTV @ The Wolrd Wide Rally for Marc Emery the Prince of Pot,
Saturday the 19th September 2009.

We walked about 10 km thru Copenhagen on this beautiful and warm Saturday afternoon, to show our support to Marc Emery, The Prince of Pot.

The Danish protest was arranged by Tuxen from the Danish Hemp Party, and we started out from Christiania, this video shows the first part of the trip. We walk from Christiania towards the american embassy, this video ends at the french embassy.

We had perfect weather all day!

The police forgot to show up, so at first at only had the hot Idioty girls to look after our safety. As you can see a few cars rushed past us, creating dangerous situations. When they showed up, there was only 5 motorcyclecops & a few undercover cops, the undercover cops left after the first 10 minutes cause they could see we weren’t troublemakers.