Classic Emery: No Tax for Pan Am

The City of Toronto is one of three cities bidding to host the 2015 Pan Am Games. The projected cost of its proposal is $1.77 billion. According to the plan, the lion’s share of that money will be tax revenues collected by the governments of Toronto, Ontario, and Canada. In 1985, Freedom Party of Ontario, together with its then Action Director, Marc Emery, commenced a No Tax for Pan Am campaign against London Ontario’s bid to host the 1991 Pan Am games using approximately $100M of tax revenue from the governments of London, Ontario, and Canada. The result: VICTORY. Londoners, and all other Canadians, were spared the burden of approximately $100 M. This video will show you how it was done, and give you the knowledge, and the hope, to prevent $1.77 billion in tax revenues from being spent on the Pan Am Games leading up to 2015. Be Sure to Sign the Petition: