NDP Convention 2009: Banned delegate Dana Larsen speaks out!

2008 NDP candidate Dana Larsen speaks outside the NDP Convention in Halifax. Larsen pulls back the curtain on backroom manipulation by senior advisors to leader Jack Layton, claiming National Director Brad Lavigne personally intervened to shut down grassroots policy debates.

See Larsen’s shocking revelations!


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  1. Slade420 on

    The NDP NEED a new leader! Jack lyington is a flip flopper!!!! When he thinks he might win more seats he changes his policies to appeal to more conservative voters.
    Usually if a party loses many consecutive races they are usually replaced. What is so different with the NDP? At the end of the day they are just hypocrites. Stop kidding yourself, you are not any different a party than the next.

    When the party bans a discussion the party stops being democratic.

    Libby Davies should replace Lame Duck Layton