From Wood to Weed Enclosed Room

In this new movie produced by Cannabis in Canada we cover building a legal room for cultivation of cannabis in Canada from A-Z with all the bells and whistles to boot. We are challenging ourselves in this video for we are filming as we go along rather than waiting and releasing the movie once completed!

The movie covers all the factors of running a climate controlled room in an air sealed manner. This movie is expected to be completed some time in the summer. Anything can happen thus the outcome of the video is undetermined given 2 months is a long time?

From wood to weed suits this film for the planned events cover the first walls of the room going up and expected to go through to harvest, drying, and curing right up to the first Joint from the new room. Expect the detail to gain with video progresses thus any questions will be answered in this respect by CinC team members.

We felt filming as we build would add a more reality show factor to the channel. We have filmed other shows in a similar fashion however this one will stand out of the crowd we hope!

We thank all who understand and appreciate the work that is going into this particular movie for it is expected to take weeks of editing and file transfers over a 3 month period!