Cannabis In Canada with Jason Wilcox – “Kill Bill C-15 and 2009 MMAR RANT”

Here we are with another year of opposition to cannabis and how cannabis is safe. It is the big money factor that has brought out fear such as bill C-15. As we see it this Bill is bad for Canada and the legally qualified cannabis users who live here!
Jason goes off in this video without flinching from the camera and speaking from the heart you can see the passion for what we do here at Cannabis in Canada. Jason has gone off before like this when logic fails to meet reason in his view.
This said admitting Jason breaching the MMAR for he feels it is wrong has been done before on this channel thus Jason has again challenged the MMAR in relation to transporting live plant material and wanted to inform all it is wrong.
We are also introducing our standard introduction for 2009 movies now in effect thanks to our friends in Ontario. Thanks Oraizo and all who assisted in getting C in C to a become a successful channel warranted of some cool videos. We have several for the fall this said Bill C-15 could not wait!
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Cannabis in Canada