Cannabis Canada with Jason Wilcox – The VICS -Decision

Justice Marvyn Koenigsberg, sitting in Vancouver, struck down Health Canada regulations that say a licensed marijuana grower may only supply a single client and that bar more than three growers from pooling their resources. Her ruling echoed a 2008 federal court decision that tossed out the one-grower, one-client regulation; coincidentally, Ottawa lost its appeal of that decision yesterday.
Included are comments from Kirk Tusaw (lead defence attorney), Neil Magnuson, Johntson (medical cannabis user), and Jim (legal medical user) as well as the general post trial coverage and media conference proceeding the decision. I am still emotional from yesterday that I feel this update speaks for itself!
Mr Beren is a true medicinal trooper taking on the Feds while facing 15 years of potential pen time. The autonomy on ones body is well within the boundaries of the law as with ethics mainly in relation to our s.7 Charter right in Canada. An example is to choose our medication without undue state interference as set out in the 2 hour decision!