Synthetic Cannabis Mimic Found In Herbal Incense

A chemical substance first synthesized in 1995 in a university lab in the US for purely experimental purposes is now being used by young people around the world to legally achieve a marijuana-like high and is causing alarm among health officials in Europe.

The synthetic substance, JWH-018, a cannabinoid receptor agonist from the aminoalkylindole family, has been found in herbal mixtures sold legally under various ‘spice’ names, such as Spice Gold and Spice Yucatan Fire. The mixture is sold as incense, but is smoked to get high.

Germany’s Drug Commissioner Sabine Bätzing has vowed to make the sale of Spice mixtures illegal in Germany by the end of January, by modifying the Controlled Substances Act. She says Spice can have negative side effects and be addictive. Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands have already banned Spice.

As Spice grew in popularity over the past year, several laboratories tried unsuccessfully to deduce what ingredient was responsible for the high, with one expert suggesting it was simply a placebo effect. But in December, THC Pharm, a Frankfurt, Germany-based company that makes medicines from cannabis, was able to detect JWH-018 in several packets of Spice.

Christian Steup, a medical doctor and pharmacist in charge of quality control at THC Pharm who supervised the analysis, told Chemistry World that he was able to detect JWH-018 while bigger labs failed because he had synthesised the substance about two years ago and all information was still on the company computer.

The substance, which he said can be bought from producers in China, is added to the Spice herbal mixture. Quantities of JWH-018 in Spice packets tested varied widely, from as little as 0.2 per cent of the total mixture to as much as 3 per cent, Steup says.

JWH-018 is four to five times more potent than tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC, which is the main psychoactive substance in cannabis, Steup says, adding that JWH-018 ‘is fascinating because the chemical structure does not look at all like THC, but it produces the same effects.’

The chemist who designed (and lent his initials to) JWH-18, John W Huffman, an organic chemist at Clemson University in South Carolina, told Chemistry World that his goal had been to make a simple compound to study structure-receptor relationships. The compound interacts with both cannabis receptors. The first batch was actually made by an undergraduate student working under a post-doc. ‘It is really easy to make,’ Huffman said.

JWH-018 has not been licensed anywhere in the world for medical applications and little is known about the effect on humans, as not even pre-clinical studies have been to determine potential toxicity. Steup says he is inclined to believe it is not toxic, and that he would be more concerned about any lingering impurities from the production process.

Huffman says, ‘I don’t have a clue.’ But noting the similar highs produced by THC and JWH-018, he says: ‘You cannot overdose on THC. You can forget your name or where you are, but too much THC will not kill you.’

Asked whether he sees any potential medical applications for JWH-018, he said: ‘No. It’s like LSD, the only thing it is good for is getting you high.’

– Article from Chemistry World on January 15, 2009.



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  1250. Anonymous on

    I had a bad accident and am in a pain management group. I am given the meds, Kadian, hydrocodone, and soma. I smoke Serenity Now and have for about 3 months. Yesterday I had a random drug test and it came back positive for marijuana and oxycodone. I quit smoking pot the end of June and I have never taken the other med. I don’t know how to explain the results. Could the Serenity have anything in it that would mimic my results? I am a 64yr. old responsible, non lying person. Right now I am a nervous wreck trying to figure it out. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate any input u can offer. Thanks

  1251. Anonymous on

    Well here in Houston this stuff is at every corner store. Like 10 different types anywhere from 12 bucks for 6 grams (guessing the swag of “incense”) and actual serenity which was 20-18 for 1.5 grams.. Lots of friends tried it with no issues.. im havent smoked in like 7 months and i miss it. Thinking about trying it out but did want to look up any health issues cause i know my regular beautiful cannibis is getting harder to get after being out the game for 7 months. Umm cant really say.. no evidence this is bad but anything man made is in my opinion.. Im sure not going overboard wouldnt hurt.. Anyways with all the talk and all the references to weed i just dont understand why weed isnt legal.. Seriously drinking is okay and not smoking?? come on.. but thats a fight/conversation thats been going on for years.. Until just recently i think people are getting enough balls to say its nothing to stress. Either way you guys have fun and if i get anything negative from it i will let you know! God Speed on legalizing weed!

  1252. Anonymous on

    i tried this shit called orange cush and its some kind of herbal smoking blend but sky hi blends says its not for human consumption!!! I was looking on the internet cause i heard that they had something you could buy and it will get you ripped like chronic!! Found a site called and even called and spoke to some guy who was really informative about the blends they carry!! Herbal dank,orange OG cush,white widow,and the infamous schwag bag all brought to u from sky hi blends!! And another thing i saw that suprised me was the pricing on sky hi blends site!! They were all about 15 to 20 dollars less than any other site i was on.So when i find a good site i wanna share it with everyone and help that site out!Remember and if it dont say sky hi blends on it its fake!! So buyer beware!! Herbal dank,schwag,white widow,orange cush all these blends and much more is on this site.

  1253. Anonymous on

    I’ve tried several different brands, but so far my favorite is Cyclone Vanilla, it smells really good and doesn’t burn harsh at all like many others do. I’ve been using it frequently for 4 months and the quality has always been the same every time. I got mine at because they offer free shipping and they put it on sale a lot.

  1254. Anonymouse on

    I tried every brand but it seems like the only one I love is Love Potion eKoms-Top[.]com Brand

  1255. pork chop on

    hit me up on that sample

  1256. Anonymous on

    Y’all mother fuckers are nuts. I live in the panhandle of florida, and I’m getting spice for 8 dollars, for 1.4 grams. I see people trying to sell it for 10 a gram online. You are fucking nuts

  1257. Anonymous on

    my customers have complained that my blends that include jwh073 are piss testing false postitive wich means positive until further lab work is done. but if you are in drug court (and so many incense smokers are). A false positive can mean a sanction or a weekend in jail or if more than once they might even revoke you. so definatly make sure the blend you are smoking does not include jwh073…..although in my opinion the best blends have both 073 and 018′

    anyways i got the 018 cheap: [email protected]

    (please only incense makers contact me for jwh018. I don’t wan’t inexperienced people buying from me and smoking pure and ending up in the hospital……bad business!!….so incense makers only!!!

    p.s. also watch for people cutting there stuff with more harmful shit than the chemical itself(fiberglass being one i’ve heard of)!!!

    oh just take 1 gram jwh-$35 and 28 grams marshmallow leaf or damiana(doesnt matter)$3or$4… disolve jwh in everclear spray it on and wait(make sure to spray evenly)………….wallah you just made 28 grams for about 40 bucks depending on your supplier….

  1258. Anonymous on

    not true!! my customers have complained that my blends that include jwh073 are piss testing false postitive wich means positive until further lab work is done. but if you are in drug court (and so many incense smokers are). A false positive can mean a sanction or a weekend in jail or if more than once they might even revoke you. so definatly make sure the blend you are smoking does not include jwh073…..although in my opinion the best blends have both 073 and 018′

    anyways i got the 018 cheap: [email protected]

    (please only incense makers contact me for jwh018. I don’t wan’t inexperienced people buying from me and smoking pure and ending up in the hospital……bad business!!….so incense makers only!!!

    p.s. also watch for people cutting there stuff with more harmful shit than the chemical itself(fiberglass being one i’ve heard of)!!!

  1259. Anonymous on

    Hey man if you sell incense hit me up i can probablly give you a better 018 price. Ill send a sample if you’ll send me your shipping info. Also you can look at my menu at or e-mail me at [email protected]

  1260. Anonymous on

    Hey man if you sell incense hit me up i can probablly give you a better 018 price. Ill send a sample if you’ll send me your shipping info. Also you can look at my menu at or e-mail me at [email protected]

  1261. Anonymous on

    what about people like me who know where the pot is cultivated and everything thats done to it. i live in the northwest of america and there is never laced pot just plant. so some of us know what we are getting….

  1262. Anonymous on

    I get the cheap herbal incense at eBay because it’s cheaper and up to par with Spice and K2. My all time favorite is this thing called “Love Potion from eKoms-Top” And I only have to lit up very little compared to others. This is a great alternative for anyone who has to do random drug screens since it doesn’t show up on any thing! :]

  1263. Holmes on

    Yes, you can smoke any type of incense (serenity now, king kong, voo doo, etc) and pass a drug test. Piss tests mainly test for THC, cocaine, and methanphetamine. Herbal incense contains JWH, which has the same canabannoids and molecular structure as THC, and effects the same part of the brain, but there is no tests for it. You’re good to go.

    August 15, 2010
    8:00 p.m.

  1264. 420 on

    KamaKazi Green HIGHPOWERED Herbal Incense
    30 GRAMS For $100.00
    15 GRAMS $60.00
    3 GRAMS $14.20

  1265. Anonymous on

    Hey do you know if anyone has ever failed a drug test because of this? Im in the final year of an extensive medical training, was cuffed for purchasing, and im on a 1 strike and im out, random testing clause. Im scared to try this legal stuff but maybe you can say something to unscare me lol

  1266. Anonymous on

    dude … i had the same issue, i got arrested and I get tested all the time at work now, as im in the health field. Have you used the incense and passed a drug test? Even though its legal, i’m just freaked out to try it bc a failed drug test would end my career.

  1267. swedish1 on

    One of the “things” wrong with the “incense” biz. is incomplete information on the packages or websites,”K2″ and “serenity now” would have you think you were smoking moma nature,when it’s just not so(and i wouldnt believe them if so,i “tried” everything!)you would think they would state the REAL ingredient that make you high,instead of having one think they are getting high on red clovers and blueberrys,So i have developed my own blend and i KNOW whats in it,(not to mention,HOW MUCH)it takes apx. 3 mgs for a smoked dose,mine has 42 mgs of JWH-018 per GRAM,thats 14 BUZZ’S,it’s not legal everywhere but…if it was …..

  1268. Billy on

    This stuff is awesome, i like the feeling and it beats buying weed riskin your freedom and putting up the bullshit. If anyone likes to smoke reading this try kamakazi green at or wickedx both of them are the best!

    If you smoke what i smoke and you say your not high then you lie lol

  1269. Tom on

    Hi Guys,

    I buy herbal incenses from every week. Thier selection and service is great.

  1270. Dave on

    I used to blow my money on EXPENSIVE stuff like K2 and Black Mamba
    but my friend turned me on to KamaKazi Green a few weeks ago, this stuff ROCKS and lasts foreverrr!!! I paid $13 bucks for 3 GRAMS and shipping was FREE! They have a cool website, its pretty neat HIGHPOWEREDHERBS.COM
    I smoke mine out of a bong, it gets me totally ripped lol…
    If i find any other cool spots i’ll let yas know!

  1271. Luke on

    We carry all the major brands at the lowest prices on the web and cheaper than any headshop. We are always smokin the competition.

    Serenity Now
    Wunderland Spice
    Happy Shaman Herbs
    Super Nova

    We got it all.

    Call us anytime (704)-951-7284
    or come on over to our site

    All prices include shipping and handling via Priority Mail so you get the good fast.

    Coming soon, pipes, digital scales, tasers, and other novelty items.

    [email protected]

  1272. Serenity Now!! on

    I have smoked many blends. Each one is different. It is easy to get confused, you can see herbal incense reviews here:

  1273. WildFire on

    Want to see an honest video review of a high quality blend:

    Get your free sample at:

    No Stems, Smooth Smoke, Green Fluffy Herbs, Scary Potent…
    What more can you ask for in a blend?

  1274. Anonymous on

    I wanted to share my experience with K2 Summit.
    I am a 51 year old male with a good job, great kids and live a respectable life. I came across this stuff through a friend about 3 months ago. I tried it, I like it so I bought some. In small doses it is perfect for me. Similar to a couple of hits of marijuana. I have no munchies, no crash, no headaches or any other negative effects. I get about 30 minutes of coherent euphoria, a keen musical ear, an expanded eye for art and a complete return to clarity within an hour. I want to repeat that I have had zero side effects in almost 90 days of nearly daily use. I do not drink alcohol at all. I have a low tolerance to it and quit 28 years ago but K2 is a super alternative to an after dinner drink.
    One of the reasons my experience has been good is that I purchase from a legal and reliable source. That’s just my 2 cents and I thought I should speak up on this. If I did have any issues I would let it be known and stop using this product. I predict it will soon be illegal because it frightens religious folks and government officials.

  1275. HerbalIncense420 on

    I started and herbal incense reviews and wholesale website to debunk some of the myths and bring it to the masses!

  1276. Eli on

    Has anyone heard of and/or used this stuff called Purple Flake? I went and bought some from a local head shop cause of all the raves of K2 that I have been hearing about. Well I didn’t have enough to get the K2 that they had to choose from so I asked what other stuff did they have that was close to the K2. So the girl behind the counter asked if I smoked a lot. I told her not in years cause I had a bad experience with other things like LSD so I quit everything all together afterwards. Getting back to the point, I was wanting to try this, but a friend told me that some of the stuff you have to be careful cause it can have a LSD trip like effect if you smoke it. I always had bad trips when I took LSD so I don’t want that to happen again with this stuff. I also suffer from panic attacks so that I am sure has to do with some of my concern too. Any helpful info would be great. I have always wondered if I could just be happy smoking pot but alas I have to be a responsible adult and hold down a job that drug test so I was wanting to try some legal alternatives… I miss the good ol days of 420 all day ever day!!!

  1277. Mad Scientist on

    I wanted to let you guys know that K2 is not even a real company in the US they are a Chinese company. This allows US head shop owners to create their own blends at a faction of the cost and sell it with a K2 label on it.

    So the products you are getting are inconsistent, you have no idea what is really in them. This is why there has been a lot of bad press surrounding Herbal Incense.

    There is a US based product that you can buy directly from to get the real deal every time with the consistency we are used to in the states.

    You can get it here at for $12.50 a gram or if you buy in bulk you can get it really cheap.

    Formula52 Mojo has its recipe perfected and a list of happy customers. Hope this helps 🙂 be safe and have fun everyone!

  1278. Anonymous on

    I’ve been smoking this stuff for about a year now.I was a huge pothead before I had to quit(Job).No ill side effects yet. Some is stronger than others, so I could see how some people would get the panic attacks, but these same people could have been lightweights to begin with. And I would be more concerned about smoking the actual herbs themselves, rather than JWH-***. Smoking these herbs cannot be good for you!!! God I miss pot! Anyway, just stick to pot, if it’s an option!

  1279. Spice Organics on

    Honestly, I can say that herbal incense is one of the most profitable products in America right now. We help businesses all over generate incredible profits by providing them our herbal incense products. A few stores that really push the product go through a pound a week, making themselves an extra $8000 a week. I don’t see why every business sells this stuff.

    Source:, our site. check it out!

  1280. Anonymous on

    Your experience sounds bad enough but mine is exactly the opposite.
    Mellow and easy. I quite like this stuff.

  1281. Anonymous on

    I bought jwh 018 from Ferto Man and it arrived in two days via priority mail. It was cheaper than other sites I’ve been to and much faster than any other site I’ve been to. Check out Ferto Man at they ship the jwh 018 the day they receive em.

  1282. Anonymous on

    dude actually it is YOU who are totally wrong tathata jahada. .25 jwh is not going to kill a human being? what are you a fear mongerer or something? my friend got really drunk and snorted .9 of jwh 018 99 percent pure yeah .9 literally and he just had a panic attack and went to the hospital. nothing close to death, very far from it.

  1283. Anonymous on

    KamaKazi Green – 3 Grams
    PS. Love The Article, Made Me Laugh!
    Just My Thoughts 5 Stars

  1284. Buggs. (405) on

    Well, sounds like you shouldn’t have been a total dipshit and smoked so much lol! MODERATION seems to be the common theme throughout this whole thread. Why doesn’t anyone read up on something before trying it? Thats stupid. I also think its funny that people who have done extasy and acid talk shit on this, saying it will kill you; or whatever. Damnit dude, don’t be a douche. its like having weed in your pocket, then yelling at your friend for having an open container in the car.

  1285. Anonymous on

    I bought some of this stuff from Bad Habits in Corvallis where they distribute it, and the first few times, I smoked it, and it was strong, and I felt agitated, but nothing out of the ordinary. I felt hung over, etc., knew it wasn’t quite like pot, there was some chemical thing to it. Have been a big stoner for at least 20 years. Pot is always mellow.

    However, last night we tried it from the bong for the first time, and I DO NOT recommend this. I was so terribly afraid last night, it was the worst trip I have ever been on. First, the walls started coming out, so I went downstairs, threw up all over the place, and I was comatose and couldn’t move out of my own barf for at least an hour. I didn’t know what house I was in, I didn’t know how to find the sink. When I did get to the bathroom, I couldn’t even find the toilet. I totally just tripped out on a lot of things and it wasn’t a good trip at all. I couldn’t stop barfing for about 2 hours. I still don’t feel right. The best way to deal with it is just to wait for it to calm down. I wouldn’t smoke this in a social situation or with friends ever again.

    I don’t know what this stuff is but I don’t think it is good. I would suggest getting the real thing or doing this in very SMALL doses, and NOT from a bong (i.e., don’t hold it in for a long time).

    I mean it you guys, if you overdo it, it will make you sicker than you have ever been. My husband kept waking me up last night because he wanted to make sure I was still alive and not comatose. Many of those times, I couldn’t even answer him, and I sometimes didn’t know who he was.

    So, it wasn’t a fun trip at all. Imagine the worst food poisoning ever, being completely dissociated out of your body and unable to move, going through all the houses you have lived in in your life and trying to figure out which one you’re in, not to mention that fireworks were going off all night, and those were not happy sounds. I hope they get this stuff off the market soon. We shouldn’t mess around with what God made.

  1286. Anonymous87 on

    Hey, i have been researching answers and questions dealing with spice and other forms of legal weed as it is put. Im not knowlegable on these products at all. I am on probation and will be sent to prison for 5years if i violate. my predicament is that nothing is worth violating my dept of corrections contract, and am a very big believer in smoking budd. but with anything from happy shaman inc. or any of the spice or k3 or incence affect a drug test that they use. they use a strip of like 6 or 7 tests. i get tested every week. is spice and k2 or k3 the same thing? i smoked some stuff called trance by happy shamon last night and want to make sure that im ok. im very ignorant on these topics but im researching and learning.. it would be greatly appriciated if you could inform me on this.

  1287. Anonymous on has nice prices and good product

  1288. Anonymous on

    I started smoking K2 Summit about 2 months ago. It works well for me. I am happy to report that I have had zero side effects from the batches I have tried.
    I got my first 3 oz. bag at a head shop in Chicago. I ordered online from Texas and just got another batch from a company in Florida. All of them are similar in effect but slightly different in flavor. I would rather have a natural high instead of this synthetic stuff but marijuana is illegal last time I checked and I can’t afford the consequences if I were to get busted. I do worry about the points you brought up with this unregulated product and do know that profit will make people to strange things, so I will stick to the vendors I trust and work towards advocating the legalization of marijuana. At 50 years old time is running out for me but more progress has been made in the last few years than in my entire life. Thank you for your well informed opinion.

  1289. Anonymous on

    I like the different blends, black mamba, k2.. I’ll try this one. I’ve actually been making my own blends lately. I’m learning more about it. if you like those blends you should try making your own. there are many places on the web to get quality JWH-018. I like because it arrived the next day. I don’t think this company sells it for human consumption but I tried four other places and this had the best service and quality.

  1290. Anonymous on

    THere is a failure here to recognize that jwh018 is one ingredient out of many in incense products. The risk may well be not with jwh but with what else is in the mix. not for human consumption on everything suggests removal of liability for all contents of the puches of crap being smoked.

    1. I like pure jwh018 and it is a good high – as is jwh073
    2. I wouldnt smoke spice or any of those because i can not say anyone unscrupulous enough to hide beihind the not for human consumption thing wouldn’t put propylene glycol to a sickening amount, acetone, formaldehyde, and any other research chemicals they deem to top it off. It is already common place for these brands now to contain other drugs.
    3. I wont smoke purchsed weed anymore for the same reason. mold left in a lot, meth being dusted into it, etc

    So we leave all of this stuff in the hands of criminals and it all gets ruined in the long run.

    Grow your own weed, synthesize, or at least make sure when you purchase,JWH you are getting analysis done to ensure it is what it is, and then make your own smoking blend or vape it str8.

    If Marijuana were legal this conversation would be moot, but both sides of this coin need to realize they are merely a kettle calling a pot black for assuming one is more risky than the other

  1291. Anonymous on

    If you do to much of anything,it’s not good! Moderation guys!

  1292. Anonymous1 on

    Warning: If you ingest/inhale a mass quantities of [insert any legal/illegal drug*] over a short time period, you would get [insert any legal/illegal drug] poisoning. If you smoke herbs or tobacco laced with pure [insert any legal/illegal drug], you could overdose and die a horrible meaningless death.

    Tips: nicotine, alcohol, aspirin, even JWH-18

  1293. Damian on is the best!

    Quality Product and Great customer service!

    Carry brands such as K2, Serenity Now

  1294. It will KILL on

    He is correct.
    Had a friend try smoking a well know brand herbal mixture with JHW-018 this weekend. Result> panic attack follow by, uncontrolled high heart rate (140bpm+), chest pains, loss of breathing control,and vision problems. Had to be rushed to the hospital,doctors did not know about JHW-018, but were able to lower his heart rate to 90bpm after 3 hours. Kept him over night, almost died. Two days later still having panic attacks and vision problems.
    Beware it can harm you.

  1295. Anonymous on

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  1296. cheesy baby on

    I just found out about this K-2…my father heard about it and said it was crazy good…but it is very very poeint…we went to the website ashwaganda essence and they are shiping me a free sample…i have never smoked anything other then plain jane..but will just have to see how this is…my husband is on probation and he smokes but i always get so nervous that hes gonna fail a drug test…so if this is as good as SOME people say then ill just have to make it a habbit…somebody comment and tell me the way u feel and if u feel and diffrent then weed…but please i dont want to hear from the people that r against it….i dont understand those people that r so against it write comments about how stupid we are for doing ot trying it ..y dont they find something else to do! WE HAVE TO FIND SOMETHING THAT CAN RELAX US FROM THIS HELL WE LIVE ON!!

  1297. McZombie on

    Maybe you forgot CC was a business and not a movement. If CC doesn’t rail against legal synthetic herb, then they won’t have anything to fight for. Why would they promote the use of something more attainable and less risky, legal-wise, when their business is marijuana, and the promotion of marijuana. If everybody decided that, “Hey CC said this stuff is allright, so why are we still taking the risks of smoking pot? let’s switch over.”, all of a sudden, cannabis culture loses its culture and the same people that are bashing our other options would be out of job, so why wouldn’t they slam herbal incense? The fact that they do slam it, makes me feel like perhaps CC has lost sight of what we stand for – Do we not pride ourselves are our open mindedness and our ability to practice free thinking in all that we say and do? If your conscious enough to read CC, then u should be conscious enough to know a hater when u see one. The cannabis communities around the world will not stand for hater-ism. CC should back off and let the people make the decision for themselves, all CC should be doing is providing us with the information necessary to make our own choices. Peace Love and Zombies.

  1298. Anonymous on

    Me an some friends tried this, most of us felt a very increased heart rate, I myself felt a weed like buzz, but one of my friends started throwing up, we gave him some space an being outside at night we heard some rustling of leaves went 2 check on him an he was crawling around next thing we knew he was on his stomach stiff as a board! Tried 2 get him up an he could not function at all. he was moaning and completly out of it. After a very scary 30 mins to a hour he woke up and puked more. The next day he said he didn’t remember anything but puking. We smoke pot all the time, and have done other drugs as well, but never seen anything like that, mark k2 off my list of thiings 2 do

  1299. luis on

    Does this herbal incense make u fail a drug test

  1300. ,PhatPug on

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    Wow that shit I got off the web made me cough hack puke and stink!
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  1302. anonymous H on

    I completely agree. I now have proabtion for a year & will have to use it. But I feel the SAME WAY!

  1303. Anonymous on

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    PhatPug can be also be found on Craiglist in Boise Idaho

  1305. No One Special on

    I am all for marijuana getting legal but, I really do worry about the government having control over additives in pot. There shouldn’t be any but who’s to say there won’t be if legalized. I have smoked the spice stuff and I prefer the real thing. Let me grow my own and they can take it from MY cold dead hand.

  1306. Anonymous on

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  1307. Anonymous on

    ya this shits heavy, overdosing on this shit sucks its prolly one of the worst panic attacks anyone can have lol, but i’ve been doin a lil research on this stuff because my local head shop is now selling it and idk about this stuff you just have to find the right kind and even then its not even that legit some bags are skimpy and some are more potent then others (im talkin bout the same brands and types) but i’ve been smoking this stuff for a lil now and idk wat to think about it, the whole fact of being able to overdose and potentially die on it has me a lil worried but i guess just don’t take it that far ha

  1308. Natasha on

    im on probation and iv been smoken serenity. does it show up in drug tests? iv never hurd of it showing up but im just freaking out i guess. i need a little peace of mind.

  1309. Anonymous on

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  1310. Anonymous on

    30mg is not .3g

    It’s .03g

    You are just as bad as “Mr. Education” lol.

  1311. Greg on

    I had purchased some K2 incense claiming to contain the JWH-018 chemical compound off a variety websites and only got mildly high. I then found K2 Ultra, a new form of K2 incense on and holy s*** did I get blazed and watched like 3 movies in a row, then fell asleep. Was awesome.

  1312. Anonymous on

    But still just as good! go to golem it’s good shit.

  1313. Anonymous on

    very different than mj. cleaner, more focused high. i tried the gorillablend @ absolutely wonderful. got it in 2 days. changed my life. i can burn and pass drug test!!!

  1314. stormyweatherweather on

    Don’t mean to offend u but what the hell were u saying. U didn’t make 2 much sense. comment again so we can all understand what u r saying. Thanks

  1315. Anonymous on

    Actually, Huffman (creator of JWH) says that just like THC it is impossible
    to overdose. Stop lying to people you dumb fuck, there has NEVER been a reported
    death on Jwh-018 and .25mg cant kill you thats like .00025 grams. I did .3 grams
    which is 30mg and I felt WONDERFUL! I have done Jwh-018 many many times. So before you start posting bullshit and lies, do your research and look up a few
    more big words in attempt to sound intelligent and leave the accusations to the
    true intelligentsia

  1316. Anonymous on

    Jwh-018 is completely flavorless and does not have any after effects.
    Coming down is smooth, theres no headaches, no tiredness, no confusion.
    It is the best high money can buy and it is the smoothest

  1317. Anonymous on

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  1318. Anonymous on

    Dude, I’ve gone way over 2mg, and yeah I had a little anxiety, but other than that I felt great. Though my friends that took a slightly lower dose than myself complained that it was too much. I guess it’s a preference thing. Furthermore,If you want real information regarding the safety of a chemical substance, I say to you that’s why god made an MSDS when he created my new found friend. The ld50 is much higher than our here is claiming. Now I do not recommend that anyone take this information and chisel it in stone. I do recommend you look at the MSDS.

  1319. Anonymous on

    Took 2mg and I’m still kicking; no panic attacks here. By the way, this is probably not healthy at all.

  1320. ANON on

    I have seen some JWH-018 suppliers posting their testimonials on here but I want to know from someone who has bought JWH (not spice) what are good online places to buy from. looks legit and has a phone number – then there are websites with NO phone numbers…those look fishy as hell to me. So, anyone know where I won’t get ripped off?

  1321. Anonymous on

    What do you expect a drug that has no side affects at all?.. jwh-018 is just as dangerous as more no less..smoke it responsibly..

  1322. Anonymous on

    Having heard first hand about the son of my friend who went to emergency because he was not breathing & comatose for over a week, I would say “haters” sound like this is a teen forum. Reality speaks for itself. This Evidence is first hand, not government officialized.

  1323. Anonymous on

    Ya, sure smoke all you want. It’s safe. Just because the chemist has no CLUE as to whether or not there are toxic effects doesn’t mean you can’t let yourself experience peaks in blood pressure, racing heart beats and hey, why not smoke all you want so you can be the guinea pig who shows everyone whether or not you get a little brain damage? At least it won’t be me right?

  1324. Anonymous on

    I received an email about a 16 year old that had to be hospitalized not breathing and unresponsive. Ya, mr. chemist you obviously have no clue. That does not relieve his responsibility for its sale on the open market. Even parents know more about this chemical that the creator. Thats really sad.

  1325. Anonymous on

    So basically, you know everything you are getting in a bag of weed? Absolutely impossible. In fact, outside of THC (levels of which vary) you have no clue what other pollutants are in a bag of weed. Due to what can sometimes be extensive travel, with absolutely no health standards any number of pollutants can and always are in bags of weed. I can understand a lack of interest in a product, but comments like that make me terribly sad to be part of the same crowd as a stoner of such low depth of thought. I love smoking herb, but there is no sense in knocking something without first knowing what you are saying.

  1326. Anonymous on

    So nothing in this ocean breeze stuff would turn up on a hair test and not get me a job would it? Or can i smoke all that I want and nothing out of the ordinary will show up ? Really need some output.

  1327. Anonymous on

    yes you can get a contact buzz from smokin serenity. it has happened to me

  1328. Anonymous on

    I have a question… if smoking this incense gets you high, is it possible that just burning the incense in the room with you by inhaling the smell could possibly also make you high? Such as a contact buzz?

  1329. Dino on

    Well considering no one has died yet and i could not find a single death from jwh 018 from smoking it..people that end up in the hospital probly usually consumed too much,or are allergic to it, or just freak out..As long as this is legal I’m done with weed.

  1330. Anonymous on

    Apparently that stuff also makes it hard to find your caps lock. Let me be the first to suggest that you try smaller doses.

  1331. Anonymous on

    It’s happening all over again and this time what’s ironic is that many pot smokers are buying into the government’s bullshit scare tactics this time, the guy that made these doesn’t think they are very harmful and why should they be and as far as getting high, well WTF is so wrong with that it’s far better than drunk, but they will no doubt in time make it illegal everywhere.

    This stuffs been around since like 2001-2002 and the worst that’s happened is some scared kids that should have never had access ran off to the E.R. because they got high and scared, sound familiar?

    IT SHOULD! Another sustance being outlawed for no reason other than fear of the unknown at worst and because it might actually make someone feel like a human being for a little while at best.

  1332. Tucker on

    I can’t believe there was a new reply to this article. I was just googling JWH-018 and neuropathy to see if there might be anything out there since I’ve heard marijuana was helpful for diabetes.

    I’ve been smoking this stuff from DarwinsHeadStash after someone told me about it last week. It was only $12 bucks an ounce online so I gave it a shot. I’ve been using just a tiny bit (0.1 grams) smushed into the end of a cigarette. The first two nights I just did one bit, then yesterday I did it twice in one night and went directly to bed.

    Today I woke up and was walking around (always in shoes an socks because of the neuropathy) and realized I could feel my toes and the bottom of my feet! They’ve been numb (or severely burning/stabbing/etc you know what I mean if you have it) for years! I’ve been on Elavil (an anti-depressant which is supposed to ease the neuropathy pain, but it has done little and I’m on the maximum dosage) and it hasn’t really done anything except get rid of the burning/stabbing a little bit.

    I haven’t checked my blood-sugar in a few days, so maybe I’ve missed some other side-effects of JWH-018. I’m on a good high right this second. I’m headed to the living room now to take my shoes off and walk on the carpet. I haven’t done it in a looong time!

  1333. Anonymous on

    I was busted by the HUNT team a month before I receieved my lisence for legal weed, and so now I don’t know if I still have my lisence. But for chronic pain you need to do something and I would rather go the green and natural way then use all the pills the dr want me to take. I tried extreme the other day and loved it. Not the real thing but it will do just fine….

  1334. BlueCAT on

    As a chronic pain sufferer with several spinal fractures. I have tried everything for pain. Cannabis works for pain and the synthetic form works even faster. Not everyone can get medical marijuana and the legal stuff is a God send.

    I can stand behind HERBRELAX.COM and Orange Cresent smells wonderful. It is very relaxing and you will not be disappointed. Great stuff and they go out of their way to make sure you are happy with your product. They are life savers for many have chronic pain and have no insurance and can’t afford the expensive pain pills.

    I hope that others don’t ruin it for those of us who really need pain relief.

  1335. Anonymous on

    What did you read this off of Wikipedia ….Overdosing on purple flake?? Maybe you yourself smoked too much. Maybe before you call other people stupid you should do some research yourself. It is one of the most popular brands in Baton Rouge, and YOU should know this seeing as how you TRIED unsuccessfully to get in the industry.

  1336. Anonymous on

    thanks for the good info. i knew kansas was trying to get it illegal but i hadn’t heard it had happened yet. i read one news report that said K2 got raided by police. not sure if that’s true or not.

  1337. Anonymous on

    1 gram is usually spread to 30 or more grams of material. Its (the powder) effective in doses so low that 99% of scales you’d buy from a head shop won’t even register the amount. 0.02 is a round about dose. And my 0.25 death estimate is a VERY high estimate. A lot less can kill you.

  1338. Anonymous on

    about this subject, JWH-018 and any of its sister analogues (073, 200, 250…etc.) are very much controversial as to toxicity. I make my own blends personally by laying the substance onto herbal mixtures. The 018 differs vastly from the 073 and 200. You are a fucking idiot for recommending that people ingest the pure powdered substance and this statement proves how uneducated you are on the subject. JWH-018 is HIGHLY anxiogenic (for your simple mind, that means it causes panic attack like effects in high doses and can lead to MANY side effects and symptoms including DEATH!!!) I personally have overdosed on this substance as I was the guinea pig for the purple flake brand. And let me tell you, it was one of the worst drug experiences I have ever undergone. I enjoyed overdosing on heroin MUCH more if that tells you anything. Now, the 073 and 200 are actually anxiolytic meaning they work to calm the central nervous system, I recommend looking for these if you are going to go the powder route. i have eaten the powder of these two but would NEVER NEVER NEVER do the same with the 018. To give an example 0.25mg can and most likely WILL KILL YOU. Its a very uncomfortable kind of death at that. In moderation, I see nothing wrong with the 073 and 200 but with idiots like this and others that are actually dying from the 018, ALL will soon be banned worldwide. Over 15 countries (and KANSAS, lol) have outlawed this substance with Poland going as far as outlawing every herb listed on the packets as well. And furthermore, these chemicals are technically controlled under the Federal Analog Act. Although I’m sure your simple mind couldn’t reach to understand half of what i just posted but this is just a disclaimer for those that may dimwitted enough to follow your ill-conceived advice. I hope you grow up one day, but maybe that’s asking for too much. So for now, quit advocating something you obviously have never even done yourself to others people that may be foolhardy enough as to actually follow your lame-brained assertations. Peace: tathata jahada

  1339. pali princess on

    I have diabetes and neuropathy and I used to be against smoking pot, until I discovered that it lowers my blood sugar greatly and allows me to have feeling in my extremities. I am not a medical expert but I believe the reasons for that is because it lets my body relax and it circulates my blood. The price of pot isn’t cheap but a box of insulin, needles, and all the other equipment needed to maintain the care of living with diabetes costs me over 500$ a month easy, and I’m sure many other people as well. I can’t possibly be the first person to have noticed that, so why is medical marijuana not legal in all states, or rather, why is pot still illegal?
    As for the herbal incense goes, I have tried it, Texas Gold. The taste and smell are significantly less than pot. It also burns the throat a bit but it does not induce coughing. If you don’t know where or how to get pot, or can’t smoke it due to its illegal status then herbal incense is sufficient enough.

  1340. Urbanherbzgirl on

    Herbal incense is great! It is legal, awesome, and accessible. What’s not to love. I get mine from, craigslist, or ebay. Red Rhino and Voodoo Magic are the best! I put the link below…enjoy!

  1341. FB on

    The best I’ve found is at, 3X as strong as K2, Spice, MOJO, PEP and it’s much cheaper.

    In fact they are so sure you’ll be happy they give out a limited number of free samples each week for those still in doubt.

    Can’t beat that.

  1342. on

    buy it now at they have the best product hands down on the web, with ridiculous purity, great customer service and they’re on time for their orders. Use them, soon while all this is all good and legal still.

  1343. Anonymous on

    Use they have the best quality white pure form, with zero impurities basically, just a little bit gets me ripped out of my mind. Go check it out right NOW! the fastest, the purest, the friendliest. give them a try and realize why you havent been buying from them

  1344. Anonymous on

    i’m with ya. make it easy on everyone. make weed legal!!! i love to smoke on a daily basis.

  1345. Anonymous on

    im willing to bet you are a drinker. mind your own business and get a life

  1346. Anonymous on

    the government makes no sense. now they want to try and ban the herbal incense. make it easy on everybody and legalize possession of marijuana up to an ounce or two and you don’t have this problem anymore. they are letting foreign countries sell the fake weed in the us and not make any money off of it. get with the program people, replace the incense in the stores with real weed. there is a large amount of Americans who smoke weed on a regular. 80% of the people who are against legalizing weed or banning the incense are probably drinkers. lets just make alcohol illegal again and see how that plays out. i’m not a drinker, im a smoker. alcohol is far more dangerous than liquor on so many levels, yet liquor remains legal and weed is still sending people to jail for simple possession. I was arrested 1 year ago for possession of one(1)joint. i was offered 4 years in prison for it on march 23rd, and now face trial in a week. is this justice or just plain cruelty?

  1347. Anonymous on

    Orange Crescent at HERBRELAX.COM.

    No toxic additives, organic scent additives. Helf the price of the big names and twice the quality!

  1348. Anonymous on

    Ready made in X and XXX formulations

  1349. amahi on

    the fact is, agree with it or not (i personally don’t- on so many levels), marijuana *is* illegal, and if the spice blends out there like Wicked X at is legal and doesn’t trigger drug tests while giving the same experience why the F not advertise it?? WINK

  1350. DiscountJWH on

    Check out jwh-018 in its pure form at w ww. discountjwh .c om We offer reasonable prices on orders ranging from 100mg samples to 20+ Grams. We ship directly out of the United States.

  1351. Anonymous on

    yeah i had the same experience with Spice. I was wondering if it was just me i thought i really lost my mind and that i would be there forever. It really was the most intense high of my life.

  1352. Anonymous on

    I smoked this stuff for the first time 3 days ago and I have NEVER had that kind of a high before. I was scared for my life. I tripped out harder than I ever have from smoking weed. I convinced myself that I was mentally insane. I still kind of think so, even after 3 days. I wouldn’t advise it for the emotionally unstable.

  1353. Anonymous on

    will be up and runing in 3 – 5 days. there you can get a much better quality product than k2 or spice for half the price.

  1354. Gatesjr10 on

    Lets get something straight unless you grow your own pot you have no idea what you have smoked there are designer drugs that mimic THC-A its called THC-V it can be man made and applied to freshly harvested weed ensure maximum potency AKA “Beasters” you can be in denial if you want but if you smoked some ugly shit and got blazed lol guess what you just smoked………..synthetic thc i have seen it made with my own two eyes and can c0onfirm the highs now also i am sure there has been a few smokers that has been doing 018 as long as its been around so if in 15 years of use they havent found anything wrong yet like salvia then do knock it i prefer not to smoke 018 but to say its bad for you without evidence sound like the same talk you hear from the pot haters the bottom line is there is synthetics everywhere and if you don’t think you had any you are crazy but before the world gets crazy just remember this last thing if your tolerance to pot has build up then you are more susceptible to search for that heavy high and start trying other things and 018 would definitely scratch some ones itch for a first time high and the good news is you can get this 1st high forever with this drug ( I hated my 1st high reason 018 is not for me) with an increase in doses as your tolerance does in my opinion though it would be better for those 1st time high seeker to lay down there joints for a dose of 018 than a meth pipe or snort there 1st line just some food for thought for those 018 haters check out if you want a leagl bud that rips you instead of a bag of shake that cost 70 bucks i tried it and it ripped me to shreds

  1355. Anonymous on

    Hey, I agree with you. Nobody knows the withdrawal symptoms regarding these chemical cannabinoids such as JWH-18 and JWH-078. I have tried JWH-18 and made my own personal Spice Gold using one gram of JWH-18. The high is more intense than weed, but the body feeling the next day confirms that it is a chemical and not an herb. You feel sluggish and worn out. Not refreshed at all.

    My company is working on a new herbal blend that contains certified organic, kosher, and ethically wild crafted herbs with no chemicals that can match the intensity of Serenity and all the other chemical blends combined. I am using psychoactive herbs that were used by ancient Egypt, South Africa, China, Viet Nam, Peru, Native Americans, Indonesia, Mexico, Ecuador, and India.

    These ancient cultures were getting bent up thousands of years ago. They knew the good stuff! I am working with a certified licensed herbalist in South Africa who is helping me collect the herbs and put them in this blend. When the blend is ready to be made public in the next month or so I will come back and give my email address where each of you can get a free sample pack on me. Free shipping is included. Weed is not the only herb that can get you toasted and these chemicals days are legally numbered.

  1356. Anonymous on

    I hope they make this illegal too. Cause I know very immature people that spend all their money on this stuff and they are ADDICTED and dont know it. I find this soooo discusting. I guess only cause it affect me personally. I am considering leaving my husband over this shit cause he cant controll himself!

  1357. Anonymous on

    I have to agree with the person below me. I dont think that’s just weed you are buying. hah I’d quit everything except for school

  1358. Anonymous on

    SuperNova is pretty damn good. I saw a video of some peeps smoking it on youtube so I bought some from They are supposedly the manufacturers. Got it in the mail three days later and I’m off. I thought serenity was good. SuperNova is pretty damn good. lol

  1359. The Mellow Fellow on

    We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality Herbal incense blend on the market. Our Herbal Blend “Mellow Fellow” is Damiana Leaf infused with the highest quality JWH-018 available.If we go along with theses laws targeted at Jwh we are supporting the same laws that keep us from selling and paying taxes on weed.

  1360. Anonymous on

    I also cannot smoke and I love K2. where can you get the JWH018. this k2 is so expensive.

  1361. Anonymous on

    just legalize mary jane!!! what’s the difference…. nothing really except chemical!!! F off to THC being illegal!

  1362. Anonymous on

    ya the serenity is good but the kind is very similar but more mellow!! its wonderful check it out at, i smoked it since i started gettin drug tested

  1363. Anonymous on

    where do i find it.
    Thank you

  1364. Anonymous on

    Take it from someone who REALLY knows. SERENITY NOW is a great product. The next best thing.

  1365. Anonymous on

    I heard lithium is put into Serenity Now. Is that true or just some BS?

  1366. Anonymous on

    I have just resently got arrested for possesion 2 weeks ago and have already had an offence on my record. So all of these people talking about just smoke the real thing have never been in a spot where they can’t smoke at all. And I have not smoked for 2 weeks and it really really sucks. So you have to understand when you hear about some stuff that is 4-5 times more potent than THC and dosnt show up then you are so happy! I plan on getting this JWH-018 straight and adding more to some k2 or spice as soon as I can get my hands on some!

  1367. Anonymous on

    Try Chillin’ Blueberry flavored at Ya-Ya’s on E. Pass Rd.

  1368. Anonymous on

    Wow! This guy is like the worst advertising ever. Please, anyone who is tempted to try but scared away because it will make you think, act, talk, (etc) like this guy just disregard his post. I think he was dropped as a child… often.

  1369. DCRockstar43 on


  1370. Anonymous on

    hey fuck you. what about the people who get on probation and have to smake this shit? i prefer dank as much as anybody but p.e.p pourri is a great alternative to marijuana and your drug test will be clean.

  1371. Anonymous on

    I can’t find “Puff” but I can find the ocean or bay “breeze” almost all the time and have to say it works pretty good and also have to say it is the best out of a lot of diffrent blends in the market that I have tried. 1 complaint I do have is the price of the products but some do work and you don’t have to worry about a test and loosing your job, atleast intill the Government starts testing.

  1372. Anonymous on

    Can you please get back to me and let me know where you buy the ocean breeze from

  1373. Anonymous on

    It appears from what research I have done that several herbal incense products have used JWH in some form or another to “lace” a mixture of herbs. It also appears that the JWH is what is getting you high, not the herbs. It appears that the herbal incense manufacturers hang around for a while but then thier product deteriorates in quality/potency.

    There is too much mystery and not enough hard facts to figure out how the JWH is produced (it is supposed to be very easy to make) and possibly the greatestt danger of the JWH comes from the refining process (contaminants) so it is critical that the process be professionally managed by reputable suppliers.

    Currenlty Serenity Now seems to be holding the top dog spot. For how long, who knows. At the best non-bulk price I have seen of about $20 per gram, it is quite expensive and I must assume highly profitable so I expect new products to continuously appear.

    By taking a look at the wikipedia info on JWH-018 and the other similar chemicals you can see that there are several levels of potency with HU-210 being 100 to 800 times more powerful than THC. Now that is something to be concerned about. Especially considering that the actual amount of psychactive ingredient is not disclosed or apparently properly controlled.

    Yet, it appears that for now, the substance is legal. Gee, you can buy the junk on eBay and now the folks that make it is battling a knock-off version called Serenity Plus which claims to be stronger. It also appears the FDA, DEA and other government watch dogs are aware of the stuff and probably taking moves to suppress or control the substance.

    And, I must add that from experience, I know the stuff will get you a very similar high to weed. Sometimes higher depending on the quality of the weed. I spent time in Panama in the 70s so I know good weed.

    My biggest concern so far is that the manufacturing process is totally uncontrolled and because all of them have the disclaimer that it is not for human consumption, they can get away with this. Because it does get you high and because you can use it without failing a pee test it is going to stay popular until something changes regarding the weed laws.

    I know, I’m rambling but these details are the collection of thoughts I have accumulated based on the research, I have done so far so I will contiunue.

    One other tidbit to mention. The web sites and business information are very secretive regarding these incense products. If you do a whois on most of the sites, such as, you get essentially nothing trackable. In fact, the domain name was just registered as of 10/13/09 so it is very new. I’m going to have to assume the motivation is to hide from the public and possibly the government? This is also a bad sign for a legitimate, responsible business.

    So, with all this smoke and mirrors, the general misleading of the public regarding “actual” content and trackable business contact as well as “secret processes” for manufacture, I have to conclude these are dangerous signs.

    From all of these I see two reasonable recourses for the general consumer.

    One, find out as much as you can about the JWH product. If you can make it, how? Is it bad for you, how? Might as welll turn this into a DIY project rather than get ripped off at $20 a gram and mix it with whatever smoke you like.

    Two, legalize pot and make this whole mess a non-issue. Not enough space left to get on the bandwagon of why pot should be legal but to say, come on America, by now most of you in your 50s smoked the stuff and probably still would if you could get your hands on it. You don’t need to do more research (we have statistics and data out the ying-yang.) How smart is it to leave alcohol legal and make pot illegal? From a financial perspective there is gold in them thar weeds. The price structure is already established and the profit/tax income potential is tremendous. The market is well established and the potential danger is minimal. We are making criminals/ruining the lives of people that are doing little more than using a substance no more dangerous than alcohol and we keep fighting the new arrivals that skirt under the law by coming out with similar substances that are potentially more dangerous. The insanity of our actions is that we keep doing the same things, expecting a different outcome.

    It’s time we made weed leagal, all take a toke and laugh about how stupid we were.

  1374. SporePod on

    I’ve smoked Serenity. I was kinda buzzed whenever I asked my seller what the hell was in it, but that looks about right.. All I remember her saying was Lion’s tail and blue lotus..

    So, yeah.. I went bat shit crazy when I smoked it. My friend said it was because I was drunk AND smoking, but I don’t know. Shit was moving. Blurry eyesight. Laughing all over the place. Felt light as a feather. THIRSTY AS HELL!!! I was freaking panting like I was dying for 3 minutes and he kept threatening to call the ambulance, lol. I hadn’t even breathed that hard when I had asthma attacks. I think I panicked because everything was moving. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad experience. I’m definitely going to do it again.

    I have never, ever felt that way whenever I weed+alcohol. N-e-v-e-r. And if this gets the job done without the failure of my job tests, I’m game.

  1375. Anonymous on

    I’m very tired of smoking this harsh inscense. I totally agree that it’s no different than smoking dandilions with pot resin (if you smoke too much then more like pine needles…), H-A-R-S-H. I tried vaporizing with the V-Tower Extreme but that’s just not going to cut it, I’ve only found one blend (Yucatan Fire) that actually vaps but YF is really not that great.

    So, (I know, clueless) how does one ingest JWH-18 in powder form? The previous post mentions smoking it, but in what manner? Wouldn’t it fall through a screen? I suppose one could snort it, has anyone tried this?

  1376. drnate on

    this just goes to show the extent that people will go to, to surpass the law and get a legal high. This JWH-018 compound sounds extremely dangerous and the only reason why this was invented is because people are sick of weed being illegal. if weed was legal you could buy it in a store and hope that the FDA was making sure that no one slipped any coke or other substance into the mix like you would have to worry about with a dealer. but i’m afraid if weed became legal that corporations would start putting addictive chemicals in it in order to guarantee returning customers. therefore i think weed should stay illegal so that in 50 years from legalization there wont be thc patches for sale to help get you off the grass.

  1377. antimatt3r on

    lsd is good for a lot more than just getting you high.

  1378. Anonymous on

    You can buy it online here at Althought I wouldn’t suggest you waste your money on it.. REDXDAWN has a new version that actually gets you where you want to be. As so stated in a prior reply PUFF used to be the stuff, but the creator changed the formula around. So it sucks now. 120 bucks later and it’s still yet to go back to being

  1379. Anonymous on

    Puff is FAR from the stuff.. When Puff first originally came out it was wonderful.. Quality went down horribly.. You can smoke pure damiana and you get a better high. Puff isn’t the stuff.. Try another brand. They continually keep on changing the formula so MS Police who is gunning for them wont catch a clue. Now. Tell the truth..

  1380. Anonymous on

    ocean breeze sux puff is the stuff u need fuck the rest puffs yhe best.

  1381. gonja q on

    the store i wrk at drug tests me an ive failed twice, but im a really hard wrker so they havnt fired me YET, thank god but i sell this fake weed (“herbal incense”) all day long! i work right across the street from a army base an the soldiers are eatin this shit up! but out of what ive tried, we sell this “k2 summit” an it is very potent an has made few get nautous and dizzy. but thats only if you smk too much i smkd a blunt an got sooo high! the feeling of this compared to weed is sooo similar (if smkd in moderation) it is great, i would recomend it to anyone! an we also sell this “herbal incense” called gonjah made by smoke clear its ok not near as strong as k2 but lastes up to 8 hrs. it comes in many flavors but alot of our customers dont like it compared to the k2. but i hope this helps anyone who cant smk weed legally…….. but id like to see if they have the jwh-018 cemical that was mentioned in your “spice” artical. thank you an i hear by 2010 ky is holding a vote to make medicinal marijuana legal ??? i hope so an i’ll b in line to vote YES lol

  1382. WEEDHOPPER on

    How to Use Sacred Blue Lily :

    Besides being used in a tea, or tincture, or smoked, Sacred Blue Lily can also be used as follows –

    “The ancient Egyptians put Sacred Blue Lily into wine and beer.
    One can use 21 grams of dried flowers per 750ml bottle of red wine.
    You only need to soak it overnight, but a few days makes it stronger.
    They undoubtedly soaked it in barrels of wine for as long as they aged the wine.”

    From my experience if you soak it too long it tastes quite bitter and the effect is too strong.

    Success stories :

    `I was VERY happy with the blue lotus.’
    -Brian, USA.

    `Your Blue Lily is with out a doubt the strongest I have ever tried, I don’t know if it is because it is fresh or is actually from South Africa, but compared to what I usually get, it is awesome.’
    -Bill, USA.

    `Sacred Blue Lily has helped me in my daily life as well as in my work with Psychic Readings. Since I began using it, I can feel a phone call before it comes and at times predict who it will be. My girl started to do something and I told her to stop for a second, and I completed what she was going to do. She started laughing out loud because she knew I did not know before hand! I am also able now to anticipate more of her words in advance without even trying. I’m simply amazed at this product!’
    -Andre D. of Toledo, Ohio, USA.

    `The Sacred Blue Lily is great for calming my nerves.’
    -Ricki, USA.

    `The Blue Lily, of course, is predictably good.’
    -Ian, USA.

    `I use Sacred Blue Lily in my tea or cappuccino to see if it would enhance my thinking during my Psychic work on the phone. I even chew it.
    And I must tell you, I think it does bring on a certain enlightenment. I feel an increase in my visions. I even use it for dream enhancement.
    It works with that too! Powerful stuff!’
    -Andre, USA.

    `The Blue Lily worked very well for me.’
    -Will, USA.

    `I found the Sacred Blue Lily to be very relaxing and put me in a very peaceful calm state. I originally made a tea and drank it at night and found I would have a very deep peaceful sleep. I also felt like I was more responsive and aware of things throughout the day. It’s a bit hard for me to explain but all in all I was very pleased and surprised with the Sacred Blue Lily.’
    -Vic, USA.

    `The Sacred Blue Lily has been everything that I was expecting. It is very very nice. Thanks.’
    -Terry, USA.

    `The Sacred Blue Lily – excellent. Great in teas and really awakens you.’
    -Paul, Peru.

    `I’ve tried the Sacred Blue Lily in the form of a tea and it is indeed a good tranquilizing effect.’

  1383. WEEDHOPPER on

    As its Latin name cardiaca suggests, motherwort has traditionally been used to treat heart conditions. The ancient Greeks and Romans employed motherwort to treat heart palpitations as well as depression, which they considered a problem of the heart. Centuries later, Europeans would believe motherwort helpful for “infirmities of the heart” but also considered the herb to have strengthening and stimulating effects on the uterus, using it to bring on a delayed menstrual period, as an aid during labor, and to relax a woman’s womb after childbirth.

    These uses of motherwort correspond well with those in traditional Chinese medicine, which employs the Asian variety, Leonurus artemisia , to treat menstrual disorders or to help a woman expel a dead fetus and placenta from her womb. 1 In eastern China, women still drink a syrup made from motherwort to promote the recovery of the uterus after childbirth; the herb has a strong bitter taste, so visitors to a recovering mother often bring along sugar as a gift. 2

    What Is Motherwort Used for Today?
    Germany’s Commission E has authorized motherwort for the treatment of rapid or irregular heatbeat caused by anxiety and stress , as well as part of an overall treatment plan for an overactive thyroid ( hyperthyroidism , a condition that also causes irregualr heartbeat). 3

  1384. WEEDHOPPER on

    Molasses History
    The English term molasses comes from the Portuguese melaço which in turn is derived from the Latin mel, meaning honey. Melasus (sic) was first seen in print in 1582 in a Portuguese book heralding the conquest of the West Indies.

    Molasses was exported to the U.S. from the West Indies to make rum. High taxes were levied on molasses by the British via the Molasses Act of 1733, but the duties were so widely ignored by U.S. colonists that the taxes were reduced in 1764 in hopes more would comply.

    Up until the 1880’s, molasses was the most popular sweetener in the United States, because it was much cheaper than refined sugar. It was considered particularly tasty with salt pork.

    After the end of World War I, refined sugar prices dropped drastically resulting in the migration of consumers from molasses to white sugar crystals. By 1919, U.S. per capita consumption of white sugar was twice what it was in 1880, with most Americans completely switching from molasses to granulated white and brown sugar.

    In January of 1919, a huge vat of molasses at the Purity Distilling Company in Boston exploded. What came to be known as the “Great Molasses Flood” killed 21 people and spilled two million gallons of molasses into the streets.

    Interestingly enough, molasses now costs about twice as much as refined sugar. Along with industrial alcohol and rum products, molasses can also be used to make yeast, cure tobacco, and in cattle feed.

  1385. WEEDHOPPER on

    The almond that we think of as a nut is technically the seed of the fruit of the almond tree, a medium-size tree that bears fragrant pink and white flowers. Like its cousins, the peach, cherry and apricot trees, the almond tree bears fruits with stone-like seeds (or pits) within. The seed of the almond fruit is what we refer to as the almond nut.
    This chart graphically details the %DV that a serving of Almonds provides for each of the nutrients of which it is a good, very good, or excellent source according to our Food Rating System. Additional information about the amount of these nutrients provided by Almonds can be found in the Food Rating System Chart. A link that takes you to the In-Depth Nutritional Profile for Almonds, featuring information over 80 nutrients, can be found under the Food Rating System Chart.
    Lower LDL-Cholesterol and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
    Almonds Provide Double-Barreled Protection against Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
    Crazy about Your Heart? Go Nuts
    Almonds Surpass Whole Wheat Muffins for Improving Blood Fats
    Whole Almonds (with Skins) Provide Most Heart Healthy Benefits
    Almond’s Healthy Fats May Help You Lose Weight
    Eating Nuts Lowers Risk of Weight Gain
    Daily Consumption of Almonds May Help You Eat a Healthier Diet
    Manganese, Copper & Riboflavin-More Help with Energy Production
    Help Prevent Gallstones
    A Protein Powerhouse
    Almonds are an ancient food that have been written about in historical texts, including the Bible. Almonds were thought to have originated in regions in western Asia and North Africa. The Romans referred to almonds as the “Greek nut” in reference to the civilization suggested to have first cultivated them.
    Almonds are now grown in many of the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea including Spain, Italy, Portugal and Morocco, as well as in California. The cultivation of almonds in California, the only state that produces them, has an interesting history. Almond trees were originally brought to California centuries ago when missions were created by the Spanish, but cultivation of the trees was abandoned when the missions were closed. Almond trees found their way back to California in the 19th century via the eastern United States. In 1840, almond trees were brought over from Europe and were first planted in New England. Because the climate on the Eastern seaboard did not support their cultivation, the trees were brought to California where they thrived and continue to do so.

  1386. WEEDHOPPER on

    As its Latin name cardiaca suggests, motherwort has traditionally been used to treat heart conditions. The ancient Greeks and Romans employed motherwort to treat heart palpitations as well as depression, which they considered a problem of the heart. Centuries later, Europeans would believe motherwort helpful for “infirmities of the heart” but also considered the herb to have strengthening and stimulating effects on the uterus, using it to bring on a delayed menstrual period, as an aid during labor, and to relax a woman’s womb after childbirth.

    These uses of motherwort correspond well with those in traditional Chinese medicine, which employs the Asian variety, Leonurus artemisia , to treat menstrual disorders or to help a woman expel a dead fetus and placenta from her womb. 1 In eastern China, women still drink a syrup made from motherwort to promote the recovery of the uterus after childbirth; the herb has a strong bitter taste, so visitors to a recovering mother often bring along sugar as a gift. 2

    What Is Motherwort Used for Today?
    Germany’s Commission E has authorized motherwort for the treatment of rapid or irregular heatbeat caused by anxiety and stress , as well as part of an overall treatment plan for an overactive thyroid ( hyperthyroidism , a condition that also causes irregualr heartbeat).

  1387. WEEDHOPPER on

    Mugwort Herb (Artemisia vulgaris)
    Latin Name: Artemisia vulgaris
    Common Names: Mugwort Herb

    Mugwort Herb or Artemisia vulgaris, has a long and rich history of use in medicine as an herbal remedy for wide and diverse range of ailments from epilepsy and rheumatism to constipation. Mugwort Herb has shown promise as an antifungal and antibacterial agent. Plus, it is a great source of vitamin C, calcium and zinc.

  1388. WEEDHOPPER on

    To be continued till further notice:

  1389. Anonymous on

    Damiana has been used by the native peoples of Central America for centuries. Damiana arouses the passionate nature in both men and women

  1390. Anonymous on

    Red Clover Tea
    In Shakespearean times, Red Clover(Trifolium pratense) was known as “Honey Stalks” because it was so liked by bees. Red Clover is one of the world’s oldest agricultural crops, cultivated since prehistoric times, and has a long history as a religious and magical symbol.
    Early Christians linked the plant to the Trinity, and during the Middle Ages, it was considered a charm against evil. The four-leaf clover , an occasional variety resulting from mutation, was and still is considered a sign for luck.

    Red Clover was also the model for the “clubs” suit in playing cards. Among the largest of the various clover species, Red Clover has a celebrated reputation for its health properties. Red Clover has a celebrated reputation for its health properties.

    Red Clover has a delicate flavor that can be brewed and served hot or cold and sweetened with honey. Many enjoy Red Clover tea mixed with Chamomile tea.

    Alvita. Natural Herb Teas that are Good for You and the Environment.

    Ingredients: Red Clover (aerial part)
    Free OfCaffeine

  1391. weedhopper on

    Scullcap can also be an excellent natural alternative treatment for the chemical effects of Methadone treatment. People with drug or alcohol dependencies may benefit from taking scullcap during the withdrawal period. Caution should be taken when using scullcap, however, because it has been known to cause confusion and giddiness when too much is taken. Other symptoms of overdose include stupor and twitching of limbs.

    Scullcap grows natively in North America and is an abundant perennial herb that grows in damp areas, ditches, meadows, and near small bodies of water along most of the east coast and in parts of Texas. Scullcap is easily recognized by its pairs of red and blue flowers. It is also called Mad Dog Scullcap because years ago it was thought to cure rabies.

    Scullcap is easy to grow in a sunny location in any ordinary garden soil. To harvest for use, gather the above ground parts in the summer as the flowers bloom, dry it and then store it. Scullcap is not long-lived, so replanting every few years is recommended.

    Scullcap is a traditional Chinese herb that is used medicinally to treat many different health conditions. This includes hepatitis, cancer, epilepsy, and assorted infections. Scullcap contains flavonoids that make it so effective, yet researchers have not been able to determine exactly why or how skullcap is so beneficial.

    Scullcap can be used as a powerful alternative treatment in these ways:

    •Scullcap has antibacterial properties that powerfully stop the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus peumoniae, and Pseudomonas aeroginosa. In situations of antibiotic resistance, Scullcap can be an effective treatment.
    •Scullcap has beneficial gastrointestinal effects and can slow down intestinal movement.
    •Scullcap is a natural fever reducer.
    •Scullcap beneficially enhances the central and sympathetic nervous systems.
    •Scullcap has sedating effects.
    •Scullcap can lower blood pressure and thus potentially lower one’s risk of cardiovascular events and strokes.
    •Scullcap acts as an antihistamine.
    •Scullcap increases the flow of bile and can lower cholesterol.
    •Scullcap can be used to promote menstruation.
    •Scullcap is effective at inducing sleep when necessary without unpleasant side effects.
    •Scullcap is useful for relief of digestive upsets as well as urinary tract infections.
    •Scullcap is useful for regulating sexual desires, and can relieve feminine cramps and menstrual discomforts.

  1392. weedhopper on

    You are exactly correct about that Serenity incense. Myself,I have been buying incense for about 1 1/2 yrs now and I find that mojo has more knock down, what do you think? Mysterious not too bad either…but my favorite is blending the spice and herbs of serenity and mojo for my newest name: ChickenFlip….or atleast I thought so when I mixed the two. I prefer with Water versus air because it brings the come back to earth as I blow the wind!! Take these five elements and the incense will bring you back to me while I leave you behind and you blow ur mind. HOLLA when you catch me???? Oh, and Myley Cirus, holla at me when ya 18…

  1393. WeedHopper on

    Serenity Now is plenty enough for me, and just wan to know what the Fuck is this shit going to do us in 10 yrs from now:
    Damiana, Mugwort, Lion’s Tail, Blue Lotus, Red Clover, Scullcap, Siberian Motherwort, and/or Almond, Molasses, Honey Vanilla.

  1394. Anonymous on

    Wha is the long term affect in the Serenity Now? this shit is Bad to the bone, nice to know that i can pass a piss test everytime i go offshore to work….

  1395. Anonymous on

    you need to learn to spell you dumb ass!!!! no one knows what you are trying to say

  1396. Anonymous on

    I smoked Ocean Breeze just a few days ago…and hell yea it was stronger than pot. That shit scared the shit out of me, made me think I was going to have a heart attack. I could feel my body going WOA I am out of control here, this shit is to much. Then they go and tell me to try “SPICE” because it’s even stronger than Ocean Breeze! If Spice is stonger than Ocean Breeze than you bet your ass it’s stronger than weed.

  1397. Anonymous on

    Yea serenity is ok but puff will knock your socks off,anybody know how to get it online because where i am stationed now the stores dont have it yet

  1398. Bouglaf on

    JWH-018 good, master. Make heap plenty good smokums cheap and cut out the rip off skunk sharks with their crazy racket £10 p.g. price fix.

  1399. Anonymous on

    shit works, i smoke serenity now every day for past year because you dont fail a drug test and i get higher than weed but the high doesnt last long, some people who are not used to smoking pot and try serenity for thier first time they can freak out, but its kinda addictive but if can switch back to pot you would rather have pot than serenity, pots a more enjoyable high but spice is more intense, there completely different highs though

  1400. Anonymous on

    No its actually much cheaper. 1g of JWH18 is $100, thats like getting Pure 5xTHC. So if your bud is 15%THC by volume(which is dank)it would only have to be 3% JWH18 to be as effective.

    So at 3% by volume a Gram of JWH18 can be spread out over 33grams of whatever it is you want to smoke, at least.

  1401. Anonymous on

    It’s simply absurd that you would think JWH-anything “smells like a cannabinoid.”

    The JWH compounds are not cannabinoids. They are “cannabinoid receptor agonists” meaning they tickle some neruoreceptors in the same way that cannabinoids do. They have no meaningful resemblance to cannabis beyond this.

    The “chemical smell” people associate with JWH-018 is the naphtha base – essentially the same as mothballs – naphthalene.

    Now, whatever positive benefits are attributable to cannabis and its triggering of the CB1/CB2 receptors will most likely apply to JWH018 as well. Any other properties that cannabis has will probably not much the same way that -018 won’t trigger a drug test. It’s not THC, therefore it does not produce the same metabolites that THC does, which is what the drug test is looking for.

    It is also entirely possible that -018 might have effects (either positive or negative) that THC/weed doesn’t have…again, because they’re completely different chemicals.

    As an analogy…suppose you really like red cars. As long as you see a red car, you’re happy. You might say “red” and “car” combine to trip your happiness receptors. Whether you see a red Ferrari in peak condition or a non-operational red ’70s Ford Pinto doesn’t matter to your long as it’s a red car. Aside from the similarity of making you happy…they don’t have much in common. And thus is the case with -018 vs cannabis.

  1402. paul on

    I have had a headache for 3yrs now . my dr has put me on all kinds of meds.they have put me on everthing all the headache meds availble by prescription plus things like zoloft,valium,buspar,betablockers and meds for seizures which is suppose to help headaches….it never stopped. I would get them so bad i could not figure out where i was because it hurt so bad.I could not even drive.I use to smoke pot but drug testing at my work tok it away.I still would smoke from time to time taking my chances because it did help my headache and gave a bit of relief.I found a smoke accidently from a friend that was legal and i tryed it.I notice my headache left me for a night.I bought some of the spice myself and started smoking it.To my surprise my headache left.I done some reserch and found it contained a drug called jwh-18 but no medical studies on it.I have smoked it now for 4 months and i have not even took anything for a headache since . not even a asprine.Im not trying to make excusses to use it because i very much like the high also and would still smoke it even if i still had a headache but i dont and i am greatful for it .Thank god people are always looking for an alternitive high or i would have never tryed it.

  1403. Anonymous on

    Actually the pure stuff (JWH) seems to be a great pain reliever. Better than pot. I know, I had a very bad experience that almost left me dead. I smoked high quantities of it while I was recovering and it was much better than any drug I could buy at the pharmacy. I could sleep and it controlled the nausea much better than weed, and it didn’t make me cough. It smells sweet and synthetic, but definitely with the “cannibinoid” smell also. I love the smell just like good potent weed. –although they are quite distinct.

  1404. Anonymous on

    Keep in mind guys, JWH-18 is NOT spice. It might be an ingredient in spice, but it is NOT spice. Spice contains Damiana and other herbs which I personally would not smoke. It is like smoking dandilions with pot resin. Yuck! it might get you high, but I prefer the real stuff. Give me pure JWH-18, I don’t need anything else.

  1405. Anonymous on

    Sorry bro, but what I got at was white. and I am a seasoned pot smoker and it got me higher than regular weed. I haven’t had the “laughs” from pot for years. But about 25 mg of JWH from there made me laugh like as if I were crazy. That only happened the first few times on weed then it never happened for about 22 years. But it happened again with JWH-18.

    Herbavigor has another new cannibinoid which is supposedly even more potent than JWH-18. I still suggest that you try the JWH-18 first. And let’s see if you think that it is something “less” than weed; you’ll find out it is better.

  1406. Anonymous on

    there is nothing wrong with synthetic cannabinoids. it doesn’t make sense to me why some people favor naturally biosynthesized chemicals over chemicals synthesized by people. some of the synthetics may be stronger but so what? there is obvious medical benefits that come with the synthetic cannabinoids just as there a benefits with synthetic THC (dronabinol) and the synthetic nabilone (brand name Cesamet). hopefully these will stay legal as most of them are probably no more harmful than regular THC, so they pose no harm and are not physically addictive. as a pain patient and someone with anxiety and depression issues who has experienced some of the JWH and CP synthetics I can attest to the medicinal properties of them. unfortunately current laws regarding substances that are meant for human ingestion are so meddling and draconian that it hurts consumers. I hope people use these responsibly medically and recreationally. we don’t need any more anti-drug hysteria.

  1407. Anonymous on

    the jwh looks like coke… smoke to much it will make u trip the fuck out… smoke less than 0.1 ull be fine..

  1408. Anonymous on

    SWIM said that while it is harsher to smoke it yields a stronger effect than most qualities of mj (with only grade A dank being better). The taste is tolerable. It is harsher to smoke but requires less hits. Eating a whole tub of icecream when high? Hate feeling like everybody around you is an undercover cop when you get super high? This will not give you those effects. Just because something is synthetic means absolutely nothing as far as its quality. Nature can be just as toxic as any man made chemical.

    In this same article you hear “The effects are very similar to THC” multiple times. Then at the end you hear “It is probably only good for getting high”. Reading between these lines reveals quite the contradiction. If you can’t see this for the propaganda it is then you are blind.

  1409. Anonymous on

    listen… theyre saying its stronger because they can make it stronger if then want to. they can control how much of jwh-018 they put in. so they can LOAD it on you and get you half-retarded or they can give u the bearable amount.

  1410. Anonymous on

    i bet you would smoke it if you were on felony probation and u coulndt smoke weed

  1411. Anonymous on

    That’s the shittiest website Ive ever seen. Whoever made it should have their nipples ripped off.

  1412. dcthepunk on

    ay yo i was wasted when i wrote that lol but yea jwh-018 isnt bad man yall are pussy as lil wayne sayed “like it and love it”

  1413. Mike D on

    I smoke this stuff because it replicates real weed and I have to piss in a cup for work. It doesn’t show up on drug tests. I can tell you that It’s actually stronger than reg and just as strong (if not stronger) as top quality KB. Only draw back is you build up a tolerance fast if you smoke it all the time, unlike good weed. It tasts like crap if you get the wrong one though.

  1414. Ecsta-flow on

    Do anyone know how it looks like? tast and color and texture. is it white powder?

  1415. Anonymous on

    I have never seen this stuff before so I looked at buying some to try. I was shocked to find that it cost just as much as the real thing. Given it’s high price I’ll stick to the real deal.

  1416. peter on

    I am from Holland and i smoke pot for 25 years.
    I can tell you that some of the spice products are defenitly stronger then pot and the high last at least 2 times longer!!
    But i agree on one thing , I do prefer a good old weed !!
    Because the spice gives you a big hangover and headache the next day !

  1417. LGC on

    Say what??? Was that supposed to be coherent. If it was then you are definitely smoking far too much weed!!! Some is cool, too much is not!

  1418. Anonymous on

    yall are dumb if u eat it it will get u high u dumb asses u cant od on it so u buy the pure JWH-018 nd make the in high doses!!!!!!!!!!!! one kid sayes smokahs fuck that i love smokein weed but is i can take it in a pill i would cut down on smokein nd take pills i got i job where i would get fired for smelling like it if i could just take it in a pill its all good hit me up [email protected]

  1419. AdamH on

    Someone is wrong somewhere in this article.
    If you browse reviews for the spice product, I haven’t found one yet that claims it is more powerful than pot. Quite the opposite reviews actually.
    If health officials are claiming it 4x stronger, and the users say it sucks by comparison… don’t you think someone ought to be corrected?

  1420. William on

    there’s nothing as sweet as sensi…it has always been the ‘natural’ way to go…i wouldnt smoke any substitutes!

  1421. DankyKOng on

    I wouldn’t smoke this stuff if it was offered to me. Its like cigarettes, you don’t know what you’re smoking.

  1422. reggaesmoker on

    The fact only one lab can even find this chemical in the product worries me a bit. The company doesn’t even mention it as an ingredient. Honestly though the stuff tastes like crap and the high is very unnatural feeling. I’ll stick to the real stuff.

  1423. Anonymous on

    CC rails against any synthetic crap like this.GOOD for CC and Canadian sah-mokers.