High Society – “Could you patent the sun?”

In Part 1: Ethical Problems With Patenting Discoveries, David Malmo-Levine examines the ethical problems of patenting certain medical discoveries and natural medicines. From the discovery of ether as an anesthetic and carbolic acid as an antiseptic to the discovery of Hoxsey’s botanical cure for cancer and the activists who revoked the neem patent, we find that history punishes the opportunists who attempt medical monopolies. Fair Use clips from “Sicko”, “Hoxsey”, “The Day The Universe Changed”, “Drug Deals”, “Brain Candy” and “The Corporation”.

The entire “Hoxsey” movie can be seen here:


“Sicko” can be seen here:


Many of the “The Day The Universe Changed” episodes are on line and can be found with Google Video … more info on the show can be found here:


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“Brain Candy” can be seen here:


More info on the New Kids in The Hall’s brilliant film “Brain Candy” can be found here:


“The Corporation” can be seen here:


Clips about patents from the corporation can be seen in this PTV show on Sativex and GW and Bayer: