The Prince of Pot – The USA vs Marc Emery

This is the CBC documentary by Nick Wilson that recently ran at the Vancouver and Montreal film festivals. It also aired on The Lens at CBC newsworld. This is the director’s cut.
Here’s a note from Nick:
Thank you everybody — I’ve received a ton of positive comments today from people who watched the show (from across the country) and I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve never felt more humbled. (OK I’m getting all verclempt…I won’t cry! I won’t cry!) Before I reply to you all individually, I just wanted to say that — and…
IF YOU MISSED IT don’t worry, the doc will REPEAT THIS WEEKEND — Saturday night, on CBC Newsworld, at 11PM (eastern & pacific).
REPEAT broadcasts — This SATURDAY, Oct. 27
– B.C. – 8PM & 11PM
– Alberta – 9PM & 12AM
– Ontario & Quebec – 11PM & 2AM (right between Dragon’s Den and The 5th Estate – two of the best Canadian shows if you ask me)
As always please feel free to forward this info to anyone you think would enjoy the show.
FINAL NOTE: If any of you were ruffled, irked, surprised or inspired by anything in the film – I would love to hear your thoughts, and so would CBC.. So in place of sending me a personal email (and I have gotten some great comments so far – hilarious – wish I could repeat ’em here), I wanted to invite you to post your comment on the CBC film discussion site. I read all comments, and this way the so does the CBC and others.
(A reliable source told me that one audience email is considered by the broadcaster as roughly equal to 300 viewers — so contrary to popular belief viewer emails are prized quite highly. And comments don’t need to be long – short is better – one or two lines is great. Anything you feel like gettin’ off your chest…)
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Again thank you all-
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