Master Kush

Adult Animation, Master Kush bravely crosses four genres: comedy, marijuana, martial arts and, of course, animation. Master Kush has fore runners: Afro Samurai, Dave Chappelle, Sacha Cohen’s “Borat”, and Boondocks to thank for paving its wicked journey. The main character, Master Kush, embodies the “what if” you combined Bruce Lee and Marlon Brando and they, “he” was dragged out of retirement and his lair in the Hollywood Hills to lead covert missions to stop the ICU (Illuminzai Central Union) and any other evil forces.

The Hollywood buzz is getting louder. 2007 Golden Globes nominee, Mark Wahlberg said, “Master Kush has great potential. I look for the project to do big things.” Eragon and Friday Night Lights star Garrett Hedlund said, “I’ve screened Master Kush and I am looking forward to more episodes. Master Kush speaks to Generation X, Y, M, and me. There’s going to be a little bit of Master Kush in everybody.” Kush Boys has cleverly named the principle characters names synonymous with marijuana, i.e., Sativa, Kief Richards, Dank, Cecile Millia — you get the point.