High Society – Bush: Drug Hippocrate

Dubya’s “marijuana smoking admission” tapes just surfaced. DML shares the Daily Show version of the news, movie clips from “Horns and Halos” (mostly about Bush and his cocaine use), the song “Drugs Stink” from the film “Bob Roberts”, and a DML drugwar slideshow with quotes from Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore!

The president smoked marijuana before watching this show – I think I will!

I worked hard on this one and I’d like to hear your comments.

If you liked this show, you’ll love this one:


High Society: Fahrenheit 420
High Society with Pot-TV

Running Time: 1 hr 12 min
Date Entered: 21 Jul 2004
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As if we’re going to let Michael Moore have all the fun! Sam, Prescott, Sr. and Dubya Bush are all stars of this show! We explore their connection with WW1, Skull & Bones, WW2, the CIA, Operation Zapata, 11/22/63, Operation Chaos, Charles Manson, Altamont, Ely Lilly, Iran Contra, the Panama Invasion, Barry Seal & World War 3. Check the info box for sources to the facts (and opinions) behind this jaw-dropping, head-shaking show. Much more interesting than a stain on a blue dress! Special cameo appearance by Noelle Bush and the Bush Twins!

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It’s especially for activists and people who want to know the nitty gritty on the herb. The most recent issues were the “Ancient History” issues – sure to please.