The Contest

WHAT strain will come out on top?
WHICH contestant has the best buds?
WHO will get smoked under the table?
Join The Prince of Pot, Marijuana Man and Chris Bennett to find out on the first part of The Contest.
Send us your buds!
Deadline May 15

Correction:In Contest 1, Durban Rated 12.2, not 11.2, bringing it to 2nd place and NLxKush was 12.14 bringing it to 3rd – studio
1st Place: All expenses and airfare to the Toker’s Bowl & Toker’s Bowl Pass
2nd Place: Airfare & Toker’s Bowl Pass
3rd Place: Toker’s Bowl Pass OR A Volcano Vaporizer

Send 1.5 – 3 gram bud (enough for 2 bonghits for Marc and 2 joints for Marijuana Man)with:
a)the strain’s name
b)your name/handle
c)****dont forget, you stoners**** secret code word for them to identify you
The Contest
307 West Hastings St.
Vancouver BC
V6B 1H6

Deadline is May 15, 2005

Buds will be smoked on Pot TV in groups of 33 by Marc, Marijuana Man and the hot women of the BCMP. Top 6 of each show will go to finals where they will be judged again. (If you think your strain will make it to the finals, send more than 2 grams).