Audio tape reveals terrifying campaign in war on drugs

Waging war against the illegal drug trade is no mere cliché in Campbell County, Tennessee. It is a mission trumpeted from the office of this county’s top lawman – Sheriff Ron McClellan – and carried out by his troops on an almost daily basis.
Hardly a week goes by without a press release from McClellan’s office detailing the latest raid, the fruits of the newest undercover operation or the next roundup of drug purveyors.
On July 8, 2004, with those lawmen at her door, Jenny Siler turns on a tape recorder in her kitchen and sighs as she heads to the door to greet them. Her husband, Eugene Siler, 42, had run afoul of law enforcement in Campbell County, Tennessee before. Illiterate, his trade was hawking drugs, mostly prescription painkillers like oxycodone. His home was his pharmaceutical storefront.
The recorder would continue to roll long after the lawmen send away Jenny, 27, and her 8-year-old, leaving them alone with Eugene, and would produce 40 to 45 minutes of what authorities contend was a two-hour ordeal, capturing not only what the officers said but what they did. It is replete with sounds of Siler being slapped and struck. It details the cops attempting to extort money and drugs, mixed with Siler’s moans, his pleas, his piercing screams.
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to read about the aftermath and details of those vicious cops being sent to prison.