U.S. / Canada Drug Wars

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North America correspondent Mark Simkin, goes north of the border to report on Canada’s biggest growth industry – dope.

He travels to the picturesque province of British Columbia, which is at the centre of the multi-billion dollar trade. Growers specialise in indoor operations, using private homes with powerful lights and carbon dioxide to make the plants grow faster and stronger. The result is some of the most powerful cannabis in the world, known as “BC Bud”.

Huge quantities of this powerful “BC Bud” are being smuggled into the US, and the Americans are putting pressure on the Canadian government to crack down on the easy going cannabis culture.

The US is trying to extradite Canada’s self-styled “Prince of Pot”, Marc Emery, who runs a huge marijuana media empire, built with funds from his former mail order seed business – with thousands of clients in Canada, the US and Australia. If the extradition succeeds, Emery faces 35 years in prison – for a crime the Canadian authorities refuse to prosecute.