Drug Bust Goes Bust

Sept. 16–You don’t usually see sunflowers springing from a marijuana plant, but in Bel Aire a plant caught the eye of police cruising by.

The home near 37th and Oliver belongs to a well known couple in the area. For most of the 90’s Harold Smith was the mayor of Bel Aire.

“Mrs. Smith feels extremely violated,” said Smith attorney Dan Monnat.

Monnat says police did more than check out the plants. He says they videotaped everything inside the house, including personal items. Finally Mrs. Smith convinced an officer to bring her a plant that they thought was marijuana.

“She laughed out loud and explained that was a sunflower,” said Monnat.

Mayor Brian Withrow says an independent consultant is reviewing the officer’s actions. Bel Aire city officials have personally apologized to the Smiths.