Denmark’s Hash Heaven Christiania Raided

The Danish police has raided part of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. About 200 riot police stormed the freestate and quickly sealed off ‘Fredens Eng’ (The Meadow of peace) which is a part of the site, where people live in trailers. In one of the biggest mass arrests in Denmark ever, the police made over 100 arrests. There are various reports of injured people. Most people have been charged with not following police orders, although some with charges relating to violence against the police.

Christinia had been self adminstrative, meaning no permit was needed to ‘build’ new property or have trailers parked up on it’s grounds. Newly introduced law, means trailers have to leave, so new development can take place. The people from Christiania have resisted this new legislation for years. They wish to keep their autonomy and self managed decision making structures that have kept the place running for over 20 years…