The Trailervision Trailer for HERB

ACTION NEWS Reporter Herb Brinkman attends a conference on drugs. A typical reporter, Brinkman then does several live reports advocating the use of marijuana, discussing the effects of mescaline, and suggesting that the drug DMT may point to the existence of the third eye. Then he realizes he’s at the wrong conference!
He’s at a pro-drugs, not the anti-drugs conference across the hall. Now that he’s promoted altered states to his viewers, Brinkman is in a monster bind. His career is shot!
Thinking fast, Brinkman hatches a plot. He was just pretending to be interested so he could go undercover and expose a secret museum devoted to drugs!
But to fit in, Brinkman must act stoned.
Once inside the museum, and surrounded by people high on drugs he’s never even heard of, Brinkman gets the contact high of a lifetime. Suddenly, the entire planet is trying to squeeze out his eyeballs.
Shot at an actual investigative conference on pyschoactive drugs, and at an actual drug museum in Vancouver, this is a “Truvie Trailer” Mr. “ACTION NEWS” gets more than he bargained for in this voyage to the brink of drug war madness.