Emery on CFRB

Emery was on Toronto’s premier talk radio station, CFRB tonight, spending a good half hour with host Jim Richards. The shows other guest was British Columbia Civil Liberties Association President Jason Gratl. Mr. Gratl had some very interesting things to say, and made the important point that there were other ways besides an armed police raid for the US government to have Emery stop selling seeds into the United States. Gratl says that foremost among these would have been diplomatic pressure through the Justice Department to get Emery to stop selling into the U.S. Emery notes that he never received a cease and desist order in this regard, and says he would certainly have followed one.

There are a number of phone-in callers at the end of the show, all who oppose the extradition less one. I missed the first 5 minutes of the interview, but in this part Emery seems to be going over material covered elsewhere.