The Contest Part 6

To celebrate his 50th Birthday, Marijuana Man is joined by the ladies and friends and family of the BCMP Bookstore and Cannabis Culture. Only one strain broke the top 10, but they sure had a good time…. Special guest “Sean Connery”
You know the rules, Contest deadline May 15th – time is running out on your chance to win a trip to the greatest pot party on earth – The Toker’s Bowl!

The Contest Prizes:
1. Toker’s Bowl, Airfare & Hotel (value $2500)
2. Toker’s Bowl & Hotel (value $1400)
3. Toker’s Bowl OR a Volcano (value $900)
4. 7 Bag Bubblebag Kit (value $375)
5. 3 Bag Bubblebag Kit (value $230)
6. Happy Vappy Vaporizer (value $229)
7. Large Spacecase Sifter/Grinder (value $125)
8. Hardcover Cannabible Vol 1&2 (value $100)
9. Self-Contained Carbon Filter ($100)
10. Soma’s Organic Grow Guide (value $40)

The Pot-TV studio is aware of audio issues due to the large number of people on the set and will not tolerate forum critcism of such.