Sweden trials it’s first medicinal marijuana case. In this Swedish morning TV debate we meet Marie Stenhoff, a 48 year old mother of five without any previous criminal record who was convicted to six months in jail on October 13 2004 for growing twelve cannabis plants in her home. She used the marijuana to reveal pains caused by her diagnosed chronic fibromyalgi. She has tried all the regular medicines the doctors can prescribe but they don’t work as well as marijuana to reveal her pains. Her former partner informed the local police about her marijuana growing when they broke up last summer. Two days after he moved out of her house the police came and searched her residence to find the anonymously reported plants. She plead guilty at the first trial and states that she is not ashamed over her actions since the cannabis reveals her pains more effective than anything else. She has appealed her case with the Swedish Supreme Court who will decide on her case starting March 14 2005. Marie says that she is prepared to fight all the way to the highest EU court if necessary. Swedish language, no subtitles.
More information on the topic:
Article in “Aftonbladet” (largest national tabloid newspaper)

Article in “Aftonbladet” (largest national tabloid newspaper)

Similar TV morning show as above but this one is from channel TV4 (largest commercial national station). Please don’t publish this download url, download the media and encode it if you want to show it on pot-tv:
https://www.trancedream.net/nyhetsmorgon.2005-02-19.mpg (8 minutes, 80 MB, swedish language, http://www.tv4.se )