Critics question RCMP decisions in Roszko case

A former RCMP superintendent is critical of how the the operation was handled, saying the force should have waited until Roszko was in custody.

“They should not have gone in there,” said Clyde Kitteringham, who now lives in Oakville, Ont.

“There would have been nothing wrong … it would be prudent, the wise thing to do in those circumstances to withdraw to the perimeter of the property and wait to find out where he is.”

Other officers have said a tactical team, which has much more firepower available to it, should have been used to secure the scene.

The RCMP has rejected such criticisms.

“How these people outside the process are able to offer expert opinion baffles me,” RCMP Cpl Wayne Oakes told The Canadian Press.

PTV- The Truth can be hard to accept, but the reality is this tragedy has far more to do with bad RCMP leadership, than anything to do with cannabis.