The US Marijuana Party “Loretta Nall Show”

In this debut edition of “The Loretta Nall Show” Loretta reflects on the very busy month of Feburary 2005.

She starts off with a recap of her trip to Palm Beach to talk with students caught up in the undercover stings conducted at their high schools.

Next, she takes you to Perry County, Alabama where she and members of the Nation of Islam and Family Members of Inmates protested a private prison and were initimidated by the private contractor building the prison and his large, man-eating German Police Dog (with video footage of the “DOGGIE DRIVE-BY”

Loretta then announces that she has been given the nomination of the Libertarian Party of Alabama for the 2006 Governors race.

Then it’s North to Huntsville, AL to attend a town hall meeting about The Alabama Compassionate Use Act

Then we head South to Montgomery to lobby Congressman Mike Rogers on the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment.

And then for some real entertainemt she shares a debate between a Democrat and a Republican on the issue of gay marriage ban. Uproarisly Funny!! A real HOWLER!! And finally you get the latest edition of the Morning Show with Roberta Franklin and Loretta Nall.