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Peter Helgason and Truman Tuck from the “Friends of Freedom” herbal activists organization give us an update on the monopolistic disease called “CODEX” …. and “Bill C-420” – the cure! Check the info box for tips on how to write a letter.

“In 1942, the deaths of six million Jews were sealed with the decisions made at the Wannsee Conference. If the pharmaceutical cartel succeeds with its cruel schemes today, the upcoming June Codex Alimentarius conference will foreordain the death of millions. However, there is an important difference: Today the predicted number of victims is 100 times greater than those killed in World War Two.”
-Rath, Matthias M.D. (94)

From 1956-1964, ter Meer was reinstated as a member of the Managing Board of Bayer AG. Just fifteen years after he and his business partners were convicted at Nuremberg of mass murder and plunder, they were at it again. In 1962, Hoechst, Bayer and BASF established the Codex Alimentarius Commission. (95) One of the main architects of Codex was Fritz ter Meer.

The title “Codex Alimentarius” – Latin for “food code” – is as misleading as “Arbeit mach frei.” Codex isn’t just a list of herbs and some organic certification standards. The recently published proposed draft guidelines for vitamin and mineral supplements of the Codex Alimentarius Commission stipulate that the “maximum level of each nutrient contained in a vitamin and mineral supplement should not exceed 100% of the recommended daily intake.” (96)

Putting it in plain terms, CODEX uses scientific sounding language and alphabetic gibberish to argue for dosage limits, despite the fact that supplements have a better safety record than food. In Germany today, folks can’t even look at a vitamin bottle without permission from a pharmacist! (97)

The full implications of this amount of “Big Brother” health regs are not obvious. It works out to only 65 mg of “legal” vitamin C per day – an absurd limit! Other proposals would make “any product” that has ever been rumored to be used to heal into a “registered drug” requiring a prescription! (98)

There has been some resistance to this. The delegate from Great Britain from the Codex meeting of October 1998 recommended “not setting any upper limit for vitamins and minerals” as “some patients will have an increased requirement in nutrients due to the illness.” (99)

Something tells me the warnings will fall on deaf ears, like the AMA’s warnings about the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. The word is that Norway, Denmark, Egypt and Singapore are all backing the Farben-proposed guidelines. The good news is that the Canadian delegation, supported by that of the USA, vehemently opposed further work on these guidelines in the 1998 session (a dissent that made it into the press and the final report). The new bad news? CODEX ” Phytosanitary” standards have been inserted into the new FTAA Draft Agreement. “Raw hemp” is to be regulated under a similar overbearing section. (100)

It is worth noting that Pfizer, Aventis, Pharmacia, Bayer, BASF, (radioactive phosphate fertilizer producing) Cargill, Hoffman La Roche, Warner Lambert, have been mentioned as being a part of today’s efforts to secure regulations on vitamins. (101) Most of these companies have ties to the Rockefeller-Farben cartel. The connections are outlined below.


See this show for an introduction to the dangers of Codex from CBC and Marc Emery:



Stop the new drug oriented regulatory changes by Sending an Action Letter to all Canadian Senators and Federal MP’s

Here is an example of what the letter will look like:


Please work with the following representatives on our behalf:

[1] Trueman Tuck from The Friends of Freedom Inc.

[2] Marilyn Nelson from Freedom of Choice in Health Care Inc.

[3] Peter Helgason from The Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom Inc.,

[Hereafter referred to as “Our Health Rights Advocates”].

These individuals and organizations are working on our behalf to create “an appropriate regulatory environment in Canada for our low risk dietary supplements, spices, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other natural health products”, as well as to remove all prejudicial, and bias legislation, regulations, and practices against these products, and the health professionals who employ them.

As Canadians, we view it as our fundamental constitutional right under Sections 1, 2, 6, 7, and 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights, to have unrestricted access to these types of products including information regarding their medicinal values and to health practitioners who are knowledgeable on how to use them, without interference from our government regulatory bodies, [please refer to recent medicinal marijuana legal case precedents].

Please support Dr. James Lunney’s recently introduced federal private member’s Bill C-420, and help Our Health Rights Advocates to reform the regulatory, and legislative processes to ensure that we have the individual right to be in control of our own health.

Having practiced in both Ontario and British Columbia, Dr. James Lunney MP is an experienced Chiropractic Doctor who knows first hand how millions of Canadians feel about these issues.

Like so many Canadian citizens, we have lost trust and respect in the Health Canada officials, who we view as serving the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, instead of our own. This is evident in countless issues surrounding healthcare, including the total failure of the recent Health Reports to deal with the prevention, treatment, and mitigation of health problems via self-medication with scientifically validated natural means, products, and services.

If the medical system is going to function properly, our governments must fully integrate the “Disease Management Style Modern Medicine”, with the “Disease Prevention, and Cure Style Traditional Medicine”.

Canadians must be aware, and have individual direct access to the information, products, and services of all of the available options to prevention, treatment, and cure of their health needs, thus enabling the public to effectively, on an fully informed basis, to choose the treatment of their want to us, rather than be limited, through regulation, and legislation, to only being able to consult with a medical doctor, and only using toxic, dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. This is exactly what past, present, and upcoming legislation regarding natural health products and practices has attempted to force use to do.

It is readily apparent that modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs predominantly focus on “Disease Management”, not “Disease Prevention and Cure”. On this topic, Our Health Rights Advocates are concerned with three key issues:

Issue number one – Medical doctors should not have the monopoly on the practice of medicine! This is a violation of our constitutional rights. We view naturopathic, homeopathic, and chiropractic doctors, herbalists, and other accredited health professionals as being included in our “Medical Practitioners of Choice”.

Protecting our constitutional “Rights of Choice”, at all levels of government, involves eliminating prejudicial practices by authorities, and bias legislation/regulations that interfere with these practitioners, and/or our right to seek their services. Such assistance also includes ensuring permanent free access to the products they recommend. It is our view that enshrining such access into written law is essential in promoting the health and well being of Canadians, and to lessen the burden on our already over-used medical system. Health practitioners from different disciplines, as mentioned above, should be able to be chosen by the public to provide their medical care.

Prevention is mostly ignored in all the rhetoric on health care by all levels of government? Whatever happened to the belief in the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’?

Where are the tax incentives to use natural health care products and services?

Where are the Government of Canada sponsored healthy messages to eat nutritious fruits and vegetables; to supplement with vitamins, minerals, and herbs; to live a healthy smoke-free, low alcohol, weight controlled, active (exercised) lifestyle.

It is cheaper to prevent than to try to cure an illness.

Issue number two – Drugs certainly should not be the only medicine available to Canadians, especially considering that they so often can cause more harm then benefit. Though obviously necessary at times, statistics plainly show that drugs can also be dangerous and deadly. They are not preventive of health problems, but rather simply treat the symptoms that these problems produce.

Regarding the current Canadian medical and healthcare crisis, a pertinent question that has been ignored is why are so many pharmaceutical drugs that cause adverse reactions, including death, being readily approved by Health Canada? It seems that practically every week there is another drug being recalled because it has been responsible for causing death for one reason or another. Think about it. Is this not true?

Who do you know that has had adverse side effects from drugs?

Meanwhile, Health Canada spends large amounts of time, energy, and money ensuring that the public is “protected” from dietary supplements, which, all together have only been responsible for one recorded death in 30 years!

More people die in a week in North America from aspirin, and Tylenol than during the last 30 years from all of the thousands of banned, and or discouraged natural health products put together!

Given the resources spent on controlling these substances, does this make sense to you?

Issue number three – The legal definition of drugs for regulatory purposes should not include our healthy foods, herbs, spices, dietary supplements, and other natural health products, from which we must derive our health and wellness.

Health and wellness must come from our foods, and foods are not drugs.

Regulations for the natural health industry are in order, and would be welcomed by both the public, and the industry if they were appropriate. But regulations governing natural products and supplements, past, present, and proposed, are not, and never have been appropriate.

Concerns regarding the safety and quality assurance of dietary supplements seem to be hugely exaggerated by the Health Protection Branch to justify their restriction. This isn’t to say that undesirable events never occur, but the number of real problems, or actual adverse events caused by natural products simply does not warrant the degree Health Canada’s intervention into the natural health industry. Said suspicions regarding “what’s in the bottle” are not supported by the fact that Canada has countless world-class natural product manufacturers, who already strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices, and whose products Canadians have safely used for decades. A few “bad apples” does not warrant restricting the whole industry.

Yet, as our MPs and Senators, you continue to allow Health Canada to use our own tax dollars to suppress our health by restricting our personal access to thousands of safe, natural products. Why?

Please help us change this by stopping Health Canada officials from restricting and interfering with Canadians’ personal rights of access as guaranteed in our Charter of Rights.

Please personally work with Our Health Rights Advocates to remove the barriers to informed freedom of choice in health care in Canada, and do not let partisan politics interfere with you doing the right thing to save Canadians’ lives and to improve the quality of life for millions of Canadians.


Your personally signed written reply to my letter would be most appreciated.


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