The Church Of Khidr

Rev Joe Johnson stands up for his religious right to use cannabis as a sacrament.
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JAN. 19, 2005

Cannabis Ministry opens in East Peoria, IL.

CONTACT: Rev. Joe Johnson
[email protected]

Announcing the opening of The Church of Khidr; providing the services and the sacraments of a cannabis ministry. Ordainment and anointment by appointment. We make every home a Sanctuary.

We’re a full service cannabis ministry that provides marriages and fellowship for those who use cannabis as their Sacrament. The ministry is non-denominational and focuses on spirituality and the mystical perspective of Life.

“…Free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship shall forever be guaranteed…” Illinois State Constitution, Article I, Sec. 3.

“Provided by God, Protected by Law.” Rev. Roger Christie, THC-Ministry

The Church of Khidr is a member of The Hawai’i Cannabis Ministry, of Hilo, Hawai’i and The Amsterdam Cannabis Ministry,, of Amsterdam, Netherlands. We have over 30,000 members in forty nations and are growing daily. Mahalo and aloha.