Best Of Pot TV 2004

What a year! Fires, Arrests & Elections.
This (somewhat) chronological history highlights the escapades of Marc Emery and the Cannabis Culture.
Tommy Chong, Dana Larsen, Loretta Nall, Snoop Dogg, Watermelon, David Malmo-Levine, Jack Layton, Hilary Black, Reefer Refugees Renee Boje and Steve Kubby, Richard Cowan, Todd McCormick, Chris Bennett, Madame Viper, Larry Campbell, Marijuana Man, Carol Gwilt, Phillipe Lucas, John Walters & George Bush vs The Prince Of Pot, Marc Emery.
Issues such as the Canadian & American elections, Green Tide, Statistics Canada, The BCMP fire, Marc Emery’s bust and jail term, US Border pressure against Canadian decrim, Pot TV hack, Da Kine & Molson Canabian’s I Am Canabian.
Rally Footage and events like The Toker’s Bowl, Million Marijuana March, 4:20, Entheogenesis, Cannabis Day, Vansterdam Now, Fill The Hill, Johnathan Magbie protest, Seattle Hempfest, George Bush Smokeout, Hydro Convention & Cannabis Cup results.
Highlights from Pot TV shows: Burning Shiva, La Sparka, Farenheit 4:20, Watermelon’s Wreck Beach Nude Fashion Show, Spongebong Hemppants, Escape to Canada/Escape From America, Play Goes To Pot, The Reeferman, Spirit Of Godiva public nude photography, Pete Brady in Jamaica, (who was) Mr Green (?), Outdoor & Indoor Grows with massive buds, Buzkill Technology and Jamaican Jerk Pizza.