Pot TV News w/Loretta Nall Dec. 20, 2004

I am working on a Christmas/Year End Special and thought you all might like to see this while you are waiting for me to get finished.

In this show I am guest co-host on the Roberta Franklin Show. Roberta has been one of Alabama’s top talk radio show hostesses for over 10 years. She is also founder and director of Family Members of Inmates and just like me she was arrested and jailed after starting her group and addressing failed policies here in Alabama. Roberta is also a comedian and for at least 30 minutes of this 37 minute show you will be doubled over in fits of laughter.

In this show Roberta and I discuss racism, local politics, corrupt cops, serial killers, sexual dysfunction , drug policy, parenting and a ton of other interesting and controversial topics. We also take live, un-screened calls from listeners.

Starting on Tuesday Dec. 28, 2004 I will be a regular weekly co-host on Roberta’s show. We are working to get the internet streaming up and running so all of the Pot TV viewers and other drug policy reformers around the globe can tune in and participate.

Please overlook the occasional cigarette puff by me and my gum chewing. This is radio and Roberta is one of those rare people who still smokes in the workplace….so I joined her. Anyway I hope that you enjoy the show and you can expect a regular show filmed at the radio station on a weekly basis along with the Pot TV News in 2005.

Also, I have acquired a TOLL FREE number for Pot TV News viewers to call. If you would like to do a Christmas Shout Out on the next news then call 1-866-304-1196 and wish all the green folks around the globe a happy holiday season. Leave a message and we will play it on the news. Due to file size restrictions we ask that you please limit your Shout Out to 30 seconds or less. An example would be..”Hi, This is so and so from Wisconsin wishing you a happy holiday season.”
Merry Christmas Y’all!!

Loretta Nall
US Marijuana Party
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