Walters And Me

The Myth Of Canadian DecrimRemember how Michael Moore tracked down the CEO of GM to ask why his town had been ruined in Roger And Me? This Moore-esque hour-long Potumentary follows the history of the Canadian “decrim” bill from 2002 and it’s demise from pressure from the Dark Lord, John Walters and his retaliation (debunking him), to it’s present proposal in the House of Commons, where everyone would face worse penalties.
The stars of this show are the politicians themselves, who through the news have given plenty of testimony to how this story has taken a really bad turn in Canadian law.
This show was made possible by the ever-watchful Newshawks like Flash, David Malmo-Levine & Green Guardian who have helped us greatly in documenting the story of the war against marijuana on this site. Help us by sending links to news shows and by submitting video – click on the “submit link” in the navigation bar.
More info on this Decrim Bill, see Newshawks and High Society