Pot TV News with Loretta Nall Sept 27 2004

Lift up your hands and Shout AMEN! On September 25 2004 Loretta Nall of the Alabama Marijuana Party, Roberta Franklin (director of Family Members of Inmates), Michael Blain (public policy director for The Drug Policy Alliance), and concerned loved ones of the incarcerated descended upon Montgomery, Alabama to march in protest against the Habitual Offender Law, draconian drug laws, and the prison crisis in the state of Alabama.

In this emotionally charged and very spiritual video you will see the police harassment they faced in Montgomery and you will wonder if things have really changed all that much since the 1960s Civil Rights Struggle. Sit back, fire one up, crank up the volume and prepare to be entertained, educated and elevated for the next 55 minutes.

Text of Loretta’s Speech

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Loretta Nall
President, Alabama Marijuana Party