Brasseye – DRUGS!

Taking the piss almost constantly, this episode drew the most complaints. Hilarious scenes featuring F.U.K.D. and B.O.M.B.D fighting against the killer drug CAKE, and enlisting the help of Bruno Brookes, Rolf Harris, Bernard Ingham, Jimmy Greaves, Bernard Manning, Noel Edmonds, MP David Amess and MP Sir Graham Bright. The Drumlake Experiment, in which headmaster Donaldus Matthews suggests a pupil talk to the geography teacher for drug money. The Fuckstead School report with Austin Tasseltine and Mark the School Drug Addict. The child who is informed that her parents are dead from drugs – especially the Minister’s funeral speech. The ridiculously long piece of bad dance music in the middle of MP David Amess’ Cake speech. The Japanse invention “Cani-Bliss” that is used to consume drugs legally trough pets and more. Funny shit 🙂