Ottawa Emery Protest Harrassed BY RCMP!!!!

A protest in honor of Marc Emery set up outside the Ottawa Office of the Justice Minister by Ontario activist Jody pressman received an unsolicited visit from two RCMP officers who took it upon themselves to let Jody, who organized Fill the Hill this year, will not be permitted to hold the event again! Be assured activists will be on Parliament Hill next years smoking and passing joints in even larger numbers than this years rally!
Dear Ottawa/Ontario Activists,

Marc’s recent unjust incarceration has presented a really important
opportunity to capitalize on the media attention and to draw attention to
Canada’s harmful and unjust marijuana laws (and also the how the weak and
feeble decrim bill will change very little if anything).

A weekday protest outside the Department of Justice office on 284 Wellington
(corner of Lyon/Wellington). We plan on being each day from 11AM to 5PM.
Please write back an email if you can be there to support the effort to
protest Canada’s marijuana laws. Free ‘FREE MARC EMERY’ Tshirts available to
supporters! Every day our protest has been growing, please come down and
join us and show your support!

If you live in or around the Ottawa Area please take part in this collective
peaceful protest and let’s bring some of the organizational power of our
movement to bear on the Justice Ministry so that they know this is an issue
that is not going away and that they MUST give their serious attention to.

Let’s capitalize on Marc’s extreme sentence and tell the Justice Minister
that this type of injustice is perpetrated on a daily basis to other
Canadians across the country.

Hope to see you there!

Jody Pressman
[email protected]
(613) 286-2305