Crossballs: Smokey-Dokey

In Crossballs the real is the fake, the fake is the real, and nobody knows which end is up. Fiction, they say, is the lie that tells the truth. But what if it’s half and half? “Crossballs” addresses this. As the show puts it: “Comedians posing as experts … debating real people who don’t know the show is fake.” Its talk-show format, “Out of the `Crossfire.’ Beyond `Hardball'”, says it pits real guests recruited to debate real issues against improv actors portraying other “real” guests with audacious, often obnoxious opinions. This episode debate is about cannabis prohibition and features: Chris Tallman, Host | Marilyn McDoughall, author of “Drug abuse is life abuse” | Matthew Benson head of the Independent Marijuana Research Center | Richard Marcella from the “Hemp for Victory” TV Show | Andrew Penn, cheif spokesman for the organisation “Hippies Against Weed” | Sean Davis, Head shop owner and Jerry Smith who runs the “Get High On Life” website.