Narcotics – Pit Of Despair

This 1967 film is a classic of the drug-induced tragedy genre. By now, we’ve seen and heard most of the clichés, but it’s still a surprise to find so many encapsulated into a single film.
It features John, an incredibly dorky teenager who is having trouble in school and seems to have no parental involvement in his life, though he does have a spiffy sports car and a pretty girlfriend. A drug pusher named Pete (he’s the only guy in the movie with a beard, so you know he must be evil) spends most of the film getting his hooks into John, turning him from a dorky teen with a few normal teenage problems to a junkie with a police record. As if that wasn’t enough, a narrator that’s about as sympathetic as George W and Saddam combined hounds him relentlessly, regaling the audience with every detail of his downhill slide. John is played by actor Kevin Tighe who was born in 1944, the movie was made in 1967 – making him one of the oldest high school students in memory.