Pot TV News with Loretta Nall May 9, 2004

Come travel across the US with Loretta as she takes you on a journey from Washington D.C. to San Francisco, California.

This show includes footage from the 2004 NORML conference in Washington D.C. with speeches by Keith Stroup, Steve Fox (MPP) Dr. Ethan Nadleman (DPA) and footage of a room party where you get to see how hard working activists unwind after a long day.

Then we are off to sunny San Francisco to participate in the Cannabis Freedom Day and MMM in one of America’s most beautiful places. Loretta gives a speech, introduces you to Tony Bowles of the CAMJP, gets high and takes you on a sightseeing cruise around the bay.

Sociologist Says Making Pot Legal Does Not Boost Use

TV talker says pot is healing

Marijuana use increases among adults

Lobby Day on Capitol Hill

This flight will take 4 hours and 20 minutes

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Loretta Nall
President, Alabama Marijuana Party