Massive fire destroys Blunt Brothers

A huge fire consumed the Blunt Brothers cafe on Sunday, April 25, destroying the entire building, including neighbouring business Cabbages & Kinx. The BC Marijuana Party Bookstore, right next door, was damaged by smoke and water, but did not catch on fire.
Initial reports claim that three dumpsters were spotted burning in the back alley shortly before dawn. The flames spread up the outer wall of the building, and inside. At the height of the fire, 11 firetrucks and about 50 firefighters were involved. No one was hurt in the blaze, which was still smouldering as of 4:30pm.

The building which housed Blunt Brothers and Cabbages & Kinx will almost certainly have to be demolished. The upper floors of the building were also home to local artists, a bookstore and some marijuana seed merchants. Cabbages and Kinx sold mostly costumes and fetish wear.

The BC Marijuana Party Bookstore, which also houses Pot-TV, Marc Emery Seed Sales and the Urban Shaman, seemed generally secure despite being right next door to Cabbages & Kinx. However, there is serious damage from smoke, heat and water which is still being assessed.

* Blunt Brothers: