Cannabis Common Sense #266

Hemp News with Paul Stanford covers each week’s news on cannabis. Then Dr. Phillip Leveque, D.O., Ph.D., a physician and retired medical school professor of pharmacology and toxicology, and Don Dupay, a social worker and retired Portland Police detective, join Stanford to take viewers’ phone calls. Film clips from the 1977 Yippie! production, “The Movement to Legalize Marijuana,” with video from the 1966 San Francisco Be-In, and a clip about Portland’s May 1st marijuana march. Hemp News: Mexican Governor fires all of a state’s police officers for indemic corruption; Los Angeles medical marijuana growers Lynn & Judy Osburn are happy with their relatively light federal sentence for growing; marijuana legalization funder Peter Lewis pledges $10 million to defeat US President Bush Jr.; and controversy about Seattle’s new marijuana policy panel.